Friday, July 31, 2009


the title says it all :)
156, much? Oh hellz yeah. I feel so much better. I think it's because I drank double my weight in water yesterday. Fuck yes.
"I'm on the top of the world looking down on creation and the only explanation I can find is the love that I've found ever since you've been around, your love's put me on the top of the world" Love the carpenters. Such awesome thinspo, she was gorgeous.
And soon, I will be too :] Excpet that's kind of a bad picture of her, but oh well. LOVE!
So my mom is home now, and she's actually in the room with me, but she's on the other computer doing like photo editing or something (she wants to be a photographer). Idk. But yep this is my 3rd cup of coffee, and I'm finally caught up on everyone's blogs, and today is 500 calories max, and so far I am at zero! I found that if I don't eat as long as possible, it's easier to stay under the limit for the day. Which is good :] Yesterday I only had 385 :D yay for soup! And tofu shirataki noodles! lol.
omg this girl right here is so freaking amazingly stunning. I want her. I want to look like her :/
or this one :Dor her:

ok im getting carried away with thinspo :] i have my own collection on a flash drive :]]]

Omg my aunt came to see us. She moved to Puerto Rico for 4 years, and lost 143 pounds, and oh my god she looks so amazing I barely recognized her. Definiteyl just what I needed to see first thing in the morning. It's gonna keep me going today :]]]

stay strong lovelies :D



  1. Agreed, the first girl (not from the carpenters) is gorgeousss. Are you a member of prettythin? Because she is. I was like *gasp*, haha.

    You're doing so fabulously! It's incredibly inspiring. (:

  2. i want to be that. :(
    seeing girls like that makes me want to cry
    because i can change my body.. but i cant change my face. :( booo.

  3. yay! congratulationnnnsssss!!! im so glad for youuu :)
    Keep going
    think thin!


  4. luuuuv the pictrues! when i'm ready i'm going to go out and blow a ton of money on a million sexy swim suits!

    yeah, my "thinking" thing takes a lot of control, but its already saved me like 500calories today!!

    ahhh!! 4 pounds? thats great! don't question, don't think, just party!!

    haha. i love how your mom is in the room right next to you...

  5. 4 pounds is amazing! Good job! You are kicking ass!

  6. That's so wonderful! Congratulations on the loss! See! I knew you could do it ; )
    I totally know what you mean about going as long possible without eating being easier....
    The first girl is perfect! Ugh! I want that!
    Just think! Soon you will look like that and we'll be posting thinspo of you <3

  7. 4 pounds is awesome!!! :D Hearing news like that is every bit as thinspirational to me as those photos (which are amazzzzzing!!) and I am so happy for you!! Keep being strong!

    PS: You're right, eating later makes calorie intake easier. I sleep as late as I can, then I drink water and wait to eat until dinner most days. Wish it could be all days....