Thursday, July 2, 2009


So yesterday went very well. Yay for water-fast Wednesdays! And I did go to the track, but I only ended up biking for 40 minutes, and walking for 40 minutes. Which is still good, considering the no-calories. Then when I got home I baked vegan cookies, but didn't eat them, because I'm saving them for later today. I cleaned out my mom's car, and then I did a whole hour of crunches, lunges, squats, pushups, and lifting weights. That should have put me at a hefty deficit for later today. -1712 calories, to be exact. Which is good, but not enough, because I drank some soymilk this morning to keep me from falling over because I was reeeeeally dizzy. I think I'm going to go do at least half of what I did last night, and ride the stationary bike for as long as I can stand it. I have to burn more calories before later today.
What exactly is later today? Well, today is my three months with my boyfriend, and I think in an earlier blog I mentioned that I have this elaborate plan to surprise him with a picnic tonight at the lake :) However, only until yesterday did I even realize how many calories I would be consuming... The meal ticket includes salad for starts, steamed veggies, garlic bread, spaghetti, and vegan cookies. And this really yummy strawberry diaquiri flavored SoBe drink. I totaled this up last night, and if I ate on serving of everything, that would be like 1000 calories or more. Totally UNacceptable. That's crazy. I cannot do that to myself, because I know it would lead to a binge. So, I'm thinking that if I only make a little bit of the pasta, and give him most of it, it should save me. And I was thinking, he doesn't even eat salad, or the veggies I was planning on making, so why bother with those?? But if I do make them, then I'll eat those first and be too full to eat a lot of pasta/bread/cookies. And maybe I'll just take water, because he actually does drink a lot of water, so that could work maybe. I really am not looking forward to the eating part of my plan. However, if mother nature decides to leave me the fuck alone, I will be able to burn off some of those calories :))) And then I'll do the other half of my exercises that I did last night tonight to burn off some more calories, and hopefully I will be able to keep myself sane. It crossed my mind, why not just take like 4 laxatives when I get home? I might do that too... depending on how much I eat tonight. I was going to try to not eat anything until tonight, but if I eat a little today I may not be as hungry tonight?
Help. What should I do?

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  1. calm down. if you think about it, 1000 calories is NOT a lot compared to how much a normal person eats. in fact, its less than you need to maintain your weight so even if you eat it all you will still be losing. Not that i'm saying to eat it ALL. just like you said, fill us on veggies and salad. I think you should bring whatever the BF wants. Like don't go stingy on him just because you don't want it you know? Also, you just fasted and you are working out so a day with a few extra calories wont hurt right?

    What i'm trying to say is that it is ok to eat something for your 3 month with your bf. Don't go crazy. stay in control, but make it a delicious picnic for him and then burn off those cal. with some (s)exercise... hehe :]