Sunday, July 5, 2009

wtf man

i just looked at my progress charty thingy on the side thing and wtf i got to 170 in may.. fucking MAY dammit when am i gonna get to 160 i fucking will get there if its the last thing i do.
hopefully it wont be the last thing i do, cuz that would suck big time, but ugh geez man ive been doing this since december and im still not halfway there yet i was planning on being 150 on the first day back at school i mother fucking WILL be 150 on august 24th.
No matter what.
Nothing is gonna stop me.
sorry, im feeling very erratic right now.. thre days on a "normal" caloric intake has totally screwed my brain, and now im water fasting oh boy.. so my mind and body are shot to hell now..
oh well :D
i love being hyper on emptiness :DDDDD
im gonna go read now byez <333

1 comment:

  1. i love your determination. i feel the same way. 120 by august 20! i know we can both do it.

    i wanted to say that i loved how you ended the comment you left for me "stay strong. don't give up. on anything." its like you read my mind, the "on anything" applies to sooo many different/other things going on in my life right now that i'm not even blogging about! thanks :]