Friday, July 10, 2009

bloggering mood

So I'm in this mood where I really want to just type a lot... Idk but I can't do it now, I've planned a 3-hour workout for today, and I'm all hyped up on coffee so I better take advantage of this energy while I still can. I'm not eating today. And I'm going to do an hour each of tae-bo, pilates, and step aerobics, and if I can make it to the track sometime this afternoon, I'm definitely going to go. I also want to do as many crunches as I can before tomorrow, so I'm setting my goal at 500. I should burn about 2000 calories today, on just coffee and mindpower alone, and that's not even including the amount that my body burns in a day. On average, according to, my body burns 1977 calories in a day, if I do absolutely nothing. I think that this is bull shit, because I know that if I ate 2000 calories everyday, and layed on my fat lazy ass, I would be an even fatter, lazier ass........... But that's science for you: irrational. Just like animal testing..
Getting off topic lalalalala... lol ok I'm going to stop being my fat lazy self and go exercise, but I have a lot of things on my mind, sparked by a new book I'm reading "The Hungry Years". But I'll talk about it later I really need to go exercise before the desire escapes me.


  1. Good luck today!
    I absolutely cannot even bring myself to drink coffee. I don't know why, but the idea of taking it freaks me out! Maybe I should try it though, for more energy.

    I also agree that animal testing is irrational! Haha.

    I just tried to find out how much I burn from that site, and then I realized, I don't have my scale, so I don't know how much I weigh. : (

    In regards to your comment, one of the main reasons I want a job is so I can buy my own scale, and a food scale. If I get desperate enough to weigh myself I'm going to fake sick and go to the doctor and get it done there!

  2. yeah. i don't get it either! for sure if i eat like even 1500 cal. i weigh more the next day, even after a BM i weigh more than i started at...lies! fuck society for trying to make us fat! this is why there are so many obese people out there...

  3. haha. your comment made me laugh so much. my scale is a conspiracy....WAIT!!! ok my mind just went to this awful scare place..uh what if all scales lie? what if they are programed to show us a lower # than is real just to make people think they are skinny so they thats silly.

    i need to calm down. haha. sorry i'm being crazy. i'm running on little sleep i guess.