Monday, July 6, 2009

i love you guys :')

I love feeling like I finally found a group of girls, of all ages, body types, backgrounds, etc, that are nice and not all judgemental and stuff. You guys are awesome, and keep me strong.
Today's realy great so far. I'm surprised by how much I can actually eat and stay under 500 calories.
b- oatmeal w/ soymilk and like 5 blueberries (163)
l- veggie burger w/ lots of mustard and lettuce/tomatoe (160)
snack (hehe)- steamed broccoli and carrots (23 calories)
And hopefully I'm having half of this tv dinner thing.. but I have a friend coming over, so I may not eat at all depending on how much she remembers my eating habits... I haven't really hung out with her in a while. I just won't mention food, and maybe she won't either :D
Unless she notices that I've lost weight and is all like freaked out because I'm not the fat girl anymore... even though I am, but I'm not quite as large as I was last time she saw me... hmm...
Hopefully she won't get here untill after my family eats and then I can just be like oh I'll cook you something if you're hungry but I already ate ;D
Man but I didn't go to the track AGAIN today because it rained :((((
Stupid stupid rain :((
Oh well :D My mom said she would come with me tomorrow! I think I'm finally rubbing off on my family!!!
Wait that could be a bad thing...
lol idk
stay strong girls! <333


  1. i love you too!! *loves & hugs& =]
    glad your r doing great
    hope your meet up with frd went well~
    PS i love having oats with soymilk <3