Friday, July 10, 2009


ok seriously why are there 10 calories in a calcium1200 tablet????
and why did i just drink 25 calories of fibersure in my tea without even knowing until i looked it up online ???
why do vitamins and supplements have calories omg this is so freakin dumb..
so much for a no-calorie fasting day...
at least its only like 35 calories.. which is burnt off simply by living and breathing and blinking and probabyl this post is burning it off...
but still.
oh well. i was already screwed from yesterday. and i'll be screwed from tomorrow. sunday will be a new start. back on abc, and hopefully no detours this time.

im off to walmart for more exlax and maybe some vitamins and akavar, because that stuff really works (supposively), and maybe a swimsuit because it doesnt look like im gonna be getting my cute one back.. i hope i can find one ://

i hope everyone is doing ok. sorry for blogging like 4 times today lol

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