Sunday, May 20, 2012

some tie dyes i've made :D

soooo let me know what you think. obviously i've only been using my old clothes and a few plain shirts i found, i haven't started doing legit t-shirts to sell yet, but if anyone wants one just tell me your size and your favorite color :) they're $5, i'll ship them to you :)
i want to learn how to do designs in the center of the shirts, like hearts and stars and stuff like that. i want to do one with the NEDA symbol in the middle. i think some of you would like that as well. <3

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

cody and i are going to open up a shop.
full of random tie dyed shit.
so far i have three shirts and two jackets.
cody is stealing the supplies so we're making a hundred percent profit!
we are going to be rich >:D
pics when i have more than 5 things to show you guys.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

except i forgot that tequila is bad bad bad for me, i should stick to vodka...
cody and i got in a huge fight over something that happened a while ago that sort of confused both of us
and i said a lot of things that i really didnt mean and should have never said
and i spent the last like 3 hours crying
and idk how to fix it, he says he's ok but he won't even look at me the same
:'( he's my whole world, i can't lose him
idk what to do :'(

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

lol i switched birth control, gained 4 pounds, stopped taking it completely, and lost 7 pounds in like 4 days....
but eh i dont really care about the number anymore
im mostly concerned with breaking condoms and stuff like that
i cant have a baby right now, but i cant keep torturing myself with all these hormones.
he doesnt like condoms, they actually make him lose hardness, which is tmi, but oh well lol he'll have to get used to it.
im home for summer
i made 2 As, a B and a C this semester :) so i may get some of my scholarships back.
and home isnt so bad, mom is gone most of the time, and when she is home its a lot more pleasant.
and so far, i've been hanging out with a lot of friends so im not sitting around moping anymore.
i even had a friend drive all the way across town to see me before she leaves for boot camp :')

and now im chillin with my bf and our friend at this guy's house and we have jose cuervo.
and the only thing i have to worry about this summer really is work :)