Tuesday, May 8, 2012

cody and i are going to open up a shop.
full of random tie dyed shit.
so far i have three shirts and two jackets.
cody is stealing the supplies so we're making a hundred percent profit!
we are going to be rich >:D
pics when i have more than 5 things to show you guys.

1 comment:

  1. Tie dye is AWESOME! :D

    Omg do you think you could extend to dyeing yarn? maybe? Possibly? I could spin some yarns and sent them to you to be custom-dyes or something. Of course, this would be a premium item we'd have to charge tons for.

    Thank you for the supportive words about the SI marks and Massage Lady. (I may have to start calling her Massage Bitch, I never had the balls to send that email to her) I had to rebook coz there are some very fresh marks and it's not the done thing to bleed on the table unless it's surgery or a BDSM scene.

    Take care and break a leg ;)