Friday, March 20, 2009

i lost three more pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fifteen total since the beginning of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

so i made a milkshake to celebrate :D and then I'm back on fasting hardcore tomorrow untill spring break.
six days :D

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh my goodness. Yesterday was so scary. In weight training class my friend, Chantal, and I decided to see how much of each machine we could do, so me, being the over-achiever that I am, tried to do one hundred of each. And after the first three machines I got really dizzy and couldn't see straight and my stomach hurt so bad and so I sat down for like twenty minutes and sipped some water but it wasn't going away. Chantal asked me if I had eaten breakfast, and I told her no. She said "Well that's probably why you feel like your going to pass out" and ughhhhhh she made me eat her peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.
I am so ashamed :(
Then later on in the day my mom made me eat peanuts. I only ate like six of them though. But that's still enough to make me gain a pound back right?
I got on the scale last night and i lost two more pounds :DDDDD So my total deficit now is 9 pounds!!! I'm so happy omg omg omg and my body is changing still and I'm going to the beach tomorrow if it doesn't rain and I will fast today and tomorrow if I can handle tomorrow and then I'll eat monday a little.
But I'm keeping the no sodas rule because they make me bloated.
Speaking of bloated, I hate being a woman because nobody should have to endure bleeding like a wounded soldier. I read somewhere that when women don't get the nutrition they need, they don't have periods every month. Well, i went four days without eating, is that enough non-nutrients to skip this month???
However, today has been pretty good so far. I woke up at seven thirty to mow the lawn and got it done in an hour. Which is pretty good :D Now I'm going to Walmart to find a swimsuit for the beach tomorrow and some shorts lol. And Hopefully by the end of the summer it won't fit me :DDD
I think i want a red one.
I have to fast today. I just have to. I NEED it . Besides, if I eat today, then I'll feel gross tomorrow. So why would I put that pressure on myself?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

it's thursday.
day number four!!!!!!! im so happy!
i drank a glass of milk and some juice this morning to make up for yesterday's water and tea only
i think my metabolism is slowing waaaay down... but i wont give in, not yet!
i need to prove to myself i can do this.
4/6 days completed!
and tomorrow will be the true test.....
but omg i cannot wait to go to the beach sunday i am already seeing my body change and its giving me my extra boost of confidence!
but after yesterday, its easy, i mean, all i have to do is make it look like i already ate, so when my mom gets home i can be like yeah i ate some ramen and show her an empty bowl with ramen juice in it lol
and i can feed my dog my dinner tomorrow
and then saturday... thats gonna be the hardest. my brother has a baseball game that day so that buys me time, and then i have to mow the yard: time AND exercise
and then i'll lay out for two hours or so. and do some homework.
but then my friend christina is coming over and so i'll have to try really hard to not eat anything saturday night. maybe she'll come over late and i can be like yeah i already ate but i'll fix you something or maybe she will eat at home and then come over that would be sooo great.
then on sunday i'll have a little bit of oatmeal for breakfast or something really really healthy like a no sugar organic smoothie with fruit and juice.
i'm so excited!!!!
and shocked!
i've never been this long with no food, or sodas before.
and i been chugging water like a fish.
i dont think anybody reads this blog.
so far, there are no comments...
oh well :D
its ok cuz one day someone will find it and then i'll have even more willpower from the encouragement of others :DDDDD
ugh the guy i like wasnt at school today. i dressed up all cute in jeans i haven't been able to wear in forever and he didnt get to see them.
oh well.
ok well imma go get some more water and do homework so i won't have as much to do this weekend and shower nd maybe get to sleep earlier?
goodnight bloggers!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

today was so horrible i told myself that as part of my diet plan i wasnt going to drink sodas and ugh i totally bought one today after gym ughhh
i took two sips.

but then i gave the rest to my friend.
two sips is still enough to make me bloated
i think i might cry :(

but other than that, today was pretty good.
i resisted temptations really well actually. i didnt eat chips with my friend at lunch, or ice cream with my grandma, or anything else :D
and my mom's bowl of peanuts on her computer desk is glaring at me, but i'm glaring right back.
besides, nuts are high in fat, unless it's cashews or pistachios, which are the least caloric of all the edible nuts.
but then, i guess they all can be considered "healthy"
(whatever the hell that means in america today...)
so, now im off to do more temptation busting!!
it's almost dinner time, how will i get away tonight?!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

omgomgomgomg i lost 7 pounds so far in three weeks!!!
and i went all day without food :DDDD

the true test: dinner with mom...
i need to stay stong

Monday, March 9, 2009

sorry, its been a while.
ive been finding every little thing to do to keep me busy, and keep me from eating.
my room has never been so clean lol
i'm down 3 pounds!!!!!
and im going to the beach on sunday, i have to lose as much weight as possible before then... :/
so im liquid fasting untill sunday :DD
and low sodium, thats a biggie. and situps everynight. and weight training class. yeah :/
and the guy i like told me i looked hot today :D
i did. even though i feel like crap. but oh well, who cares :DDDDDD
i love this empty feeling in my stomach. it's only been one day but already i can feel it XD
my stomach has yet to growl though, im still waiting. maybe tomorrow?
and im gonna work on my tan this week, so im not completely pale sunday lol and when im tan i always look thinner :D im so excited.
help me out? keep me strong?
i'll post every day this week, i promise!!!!
and no food, no binges, no salty stuff.
does vegetable broth count? theres 15 calories in one cup... hmmm...
to drink or not to drink....
i think i'll have 1/2 a cup. and add the other 1/2 full with water. so its still like 7.5 calories...
not too bad :D
and i had juice this morning, like 100 calories.
so even if i have a whole cup its only 115... idk im not gonna jeopardize it.
i'll have 1/2 a cup.
oh yeah, my goal is five by sunday. i hope i can!!!!