Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh my goodness. Yesterday was so scary. In weight training class my friend, Chantal, and I decided to see how much of each machine we could do, so me, being the over-achiever that I am, tried to do one hundred of each. And after the first three machines I got really dizzy and couldn't see straight and my stomach hurt so bad and so I sat down for like twenty minutes and sipped some water but it wasn't going away. Chantal asked me if I had eaten breakfast, and I told her no. She said "Well that's probably why you feel like your going to pass out" and ughhhhhh she made me eat her peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.
I am so ashamed :(
Then later on in the day my mom made me eat peanuts. I only ate like six of them though. But that's still enough to make me gain a pound back right?
I got on the scale last night and i lost two more pounds :DDDDD So my total deficit now is 9 pounds!!! I'm so happy omg omg omg and my body is changing still and I'm going to the beach tomorrow if it doesn't rain and I will fast today and tomorrow if I can handle tomorrow and then I'll eat monday a little.
But I'm keeping the no sodas rule because they make me bloated.
Speaking of bloated, I hate being a woman because nobody should have to endure bleeding like a wounded soldier. I read somewhere that when women don't get the nutrition they need, they don't have periods every month. Well, i went four days without eating, is that enough non-nutrients to skip this month???
However, today has been pretty good so far. I woke up at seven thirty to mow the lawn and got it done in an hour. Which is pretty good :D Now I'm going to Walmart to find a swimsuit for the beach tomorrow and some shorts lol. And Hopefully by the end of the summer it won't fit me :DDD
I think i want a red one.
I have to fast today. I just have to. I NEED it . Besides, if I eat today, then I'll feel gross tomorrow. So why would I put that pressure on myself?

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