Wednesday, March 11, 2009

today was so horrible i told myself that as part of my diet plan i wasnt going to drink sodas and ugh i totally bought one today after gym ughhh
i took two sips.

but then i gave the rest to my friend.
two sips is still enough to make me bloated
i think i might cry :(

but other than that, today was pretty good.
i resisted temptations really well actually. i didnt eat chips with my friend at lunch, or ice cream with my grandma, or anything else :D
and my mom's bowl of peanuts on her computer desk is glaring at me, but i'm glaring right back.
besides, nuts are high in fat, unless it's cashews or pistachios, which are the least caloric of all the edible nuts.
but then, i guess they all can be considered "healthy"
(whatever the hell that means in america today...)
so, now im off to do more temptation busting!!
it's almost dinner time, how will i get away tonight?!

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