Monday, March 9, 2009

sorry, its been a while.
ive been finding every little thing to do to keep me busy, and keep me from eating.
my room has never been so clean lol
i'm down 3 pounds!!!!!
and im going to the beach on sunday, i have to lose as much weight as possible before then... :/
so im liquid fasting untill sunday :DD
and low sodium, thats a biggie. and situps everynight. and weight training class. yeah :/
and the guy i like told me i looked hot today :D
i did. even though i feel like crap. but oh well, who cares :DDDDDD
i love this empty feeling in my stomach. it's only been one day but already i can feel it XD
my stomach has yet to growl though, im still waiting. maybe tomorrow?
and im gonna work on my tan this week, so im not completely pale sunday lol and when im tan i always look thinner :D im so excited.
help me out? keep me strong?
i'll post every day this week, i promise!!!!
and no food, no binges, no salty stuff.
does vegetable broth count? theres 15 calories in one cup... hmmm...
to drink or not to drink....
i think i'll have 1/2 a cup. and add the other 1/2 full with water. so its still like 7.5 calories...
not too bad :D
and i had juice this morning, like 100 calories.
so even if i have a whole cup its only 115... idk im not gonna jeopardize it.
i'll have 1/2 a cup.
oh yeah, my goal is five by sunday. i hope i can!!!!

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