Thursday, May 3, 2012

except i forgot that tequila is bad bad bad for me, i should stick to vodka...
cody and i got in a huge fight over something that happened a while ago that sort of confused both of us
and i said a lot of things that i really didnt mean and should have never said
and i spent the last like 3 hours crying
and idk how to fix it, he says he's ok but he won't even look at me the same
:'( he's my whole world, i can't lose him
idk what to do :'(


  1. I think it will just take some time, you know. I'm sure he knows you didn't mean them; we all get that way sometimes. Besides without the lows, you wouldn't have the highs of the relationship. Trust in a relationship derives on understanding one another - through thick or thin. Everyone has an ugly side. If he loves you the way you love him, he will understand. Granted it might take time, but he will.

  2. Regarding the TMI, he'll have to get used to it OR get more regular STI checks :p I don't want him to give you anything nasty!

    Coz 90% of the time Chlamydia has no symptoms. . . :x

    Gah! Enough of the nana-talk!

    *Hugs* Can you sort things out with him by saying that Tequila brings out the worst in you and makes you say&do bad things?

    We should both stick to Vodka. Tequila is only good for mohitos, anyway.

    *More hugs*