Sunday, May 20, 2012

some tie dyes i've made :D

soooo let me know what you think. obviously i've only been using my old clothes and a few plain shirts i found, i haven't started doing legit t-shirts to sell yet, but if anyone wants one just tell me your size and your favorite color :) they're $5, i'll ship them to you :)
i want to learn how to do designs in the center of the shirts, like hearts and stars and stuff like that. i want to do one with the NEDA symbol in the middle. i think some of you would like that as well. <3


  1. I adore the black&orange tank and the hoodies. I wish I could wear warm colours but my skin tone is all wrong.

    FUUUUUUUU- I wish I knew how NZ clothes sizes related to USA ones! I adore Pink&blue&purple and having those tie-dyed on a hoodie or big hippie skirt would just make me explode with glee. I don't care how much shipping would cost!

    When are you going to make an Etsy shop, hmmmmm? I wanna add you to my circle :p (I'm TopazTangles, but theres nothing in my shop yet. Yet. . . Stupid Mum and her wanting half a dozen hats!)

    Take care and stay awesome <3

  2. I don't know if you still read this blog ever, but I miss you. <3