Friday, July 24, 2009

soup :)

Yesterday went so much better than any of the days last week went.

I feel so much better. All I had was some orange juice, coffee, tea, soup, and lots of water. 250 calories max. Way under my limit of 500 :) go me!

I found this stuff called yogi tea, freakin amazing it tastes so gooooooooood. I got the Himalayan Apple Spice. Yummmm. It tastes like autumn-time, when the leaves get all orangey and like.. halloween comes. Idk. It was a good feeling. I love hot tea before bed. It's so relaxing :)

I'm a dork :]]

Anyways, so today I think my crazy friend and I are going to the track again (YAY) and then there's this lady at this horse place who wants to start a therapy system for mentally handicapped children like an equestrian therapy thing and she wants volunteers :] and I love horses :]] and my friend and I are going this afternoon at six ish. I'm excited. I might finally be able to do something all day instead of sit home and eat!

Except, I'm not really going to eat any real food untill next Thursday.

Oh and get this: for senior pictures, the last day in July to get them done is next Thursday. By then, if I keep exercising, hopefully I can fit into my cute new jeans that are a size 8! Yay!

Unless somehow I can talk my mom into letting me go in August, then I'll definitely be able to wear my jeans.

And, all my binge weight is off. I think it was mostly water weight, but who cares, because I'm back to 160 as of this morning.

Like magic :)

I'm so happy.

I've never been this small before


Good things are yet to come. Stay strong lovelies <333


  1. awww congrats babygirl!!
    what a feeling!
    keep it up, you're doing amazing.

  2. Good job! You're doing so well!
    I have to take my senior pictures soon too and it's honestly making me sick to my stomach :X
    Keep up the good work <3

  3. That's so awesome for you!! It's great that you're right back to where you were before the binge, you are a role model!

    It's great that you are doing something you love that's active while not-eating! Helping out handicap kids is really nice of you, I heard of a camp where they do that all the time and I wanted to go help out with the kayaking or something, but my parents never signed me up.... :(

    Yay for all your progress, you are doing so well! :)

  4. "I've never been this small before"

    I'm so proud and happy for you. You are so strong.

  5. wow heather! I admire you so much! just saw your stats and that is AMAZING. how much you've lost and how long you've kept committed for! almost size 8 is GREAT! well done! senior photos are such good motivation. unfortunately all my senior photos were taken last year... but we get photos taken (FOR THE NEWSPAPER!) the day after results day... so those are keeping me going for now. I'm going to include something about photos in my next blog... thanks again for ALL the thinspo you're giving me (and everyone else)! :)

  6. I am glad to see you back - I missed you :)