Friday, July 10, 2009


omg i just flushed so much food down the toilet :////
i feel so bad.
but i dont care. i want to throw everything that IS vegan in the toilet and watch it swirl away.
because all that would be left would be stuff that takes forever to cook, and stuff that i cant eat b/c im vegan.
i do love being vegan :)
so the damage on our drains was:
5 slices of bread, 1 bagel, the other half of the box of triscuits, can of mandarin oranges, can of beans, some cereal, hot dog bun, and the rest of the blueberries we had. i think im going to flush the grapes too, but then... idk gtg moms home byezzzzz
stay strong lovelies <333


  1. ahh! just read your last post. great! thats so awesome.

    so i know this might be really really dumb on my part but isn't there like eggs and/or milk in bread?? i didn't think it was vegan, or is it?

  2. I'm definitely trying to transition into being vegan. The food part isn't hard, but I'm trying to live a vegan lifestyle as well and honestly I usually don't have 8 dollars to spend on deodorant that wasn't tested on animals that hardly works! Blech. Anyway, I'm rambling. Have a good tomorrow. : )