Wednesday, July 1, 2009

good morning :)

Omg thanks or all the comments :DDD They keep me goin strong. Even though I feel really weak today for some reason. Like when I woke up, I stood up and felt really dizzy.
That means I'm getting somewhere at least :)
Except I'm going back to the track today, but definitely not like I did yesterday, even though I felt amazing when I got home. No I think I'll do my usual routine of two hours instead of my hardcore threehours :)
But all in all, I'm feeling really good. I just got done looking at some really great thinspo on friendlythinspo at It kept me from eating all morning. I love how I'm miraculously able to stick to my water-fast wednesdays. It keeps me going. Even if I binge like crazy all weekend, I always manage to pick myself up on my no-cal wednesday.
And guess what?! Last night, while I was drifting off to sleep, I ran my hands over my tummy, and I can actually feel my hip bones starting to show. Like, I've always known they were there, but this time it was like... wow. Idk. Maybe one day I will be able to see them as well :)
My mom just left, and that means I'm free to exercise as I please. I love my routine. Bike to track, walk, stairs, run, stairs, walk, bike home. If you cut it directly in half, it's even on both sides :) I like even-ness. Today, I'm only going to walk one mile, and only run one lap, but I'm still gonna do the stairs twice, because I like feeling the burn in my leg muscles. Then tonight, I'm going to do crunches untill my stomach goes numb, because if it's numb, then it's not hungry :)
Stay strong girls, and thanks sooooo much for all your support.
Thinness is so much better when you know your not alone.


  1. Inspiring! ..You are really getting there and fast too! Never give up! You have so much strength to get where you want to be! And my hip bones stick out more too x)

  2. i am so impressed with your exercise, i wish i had the same motivation