Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Take that! Here's what I did:
rode bike to the track- 30 minutes
walked 4 laps- 20 minutes
ran up and down stairs- 10 minutes
ran lap- 5 minutes
ran up and down more stairs- 5 minutes
ran another lap- 5 minutes
ran up and down stairs- 10 minutes
walked another 4 laps- 20 minutes
rode bike home- 30 minutes
And I rested for 5 minutes in between each segment. Longest workout I've ever done in my life.
I'm a beast. :) I burned almost 2000 calories, in three hours :))
And I don't feel like bingeing anymore. In fact, my mom made pizza, which usually I would be hovering over like a hawk either scarfing down the whole thing and making another one, or goggling over with my drool dripping all over it. But here's the thing: I have been vegan for only three weeks, and already it makes me want to vomit just smelling the stuff. I mean, honestly, I can smell the cheese, and this time, it smells kind of... sour. Not to mention when I looked at it, it was all shiny from the grease. That's just disgusting. That oil turns into fat on your body, and it jiggles like jello when you walk. That alone is enough to keep me from inhaling it in one bite. Well, that and the fact that they make cheese out of cow placenta. I mean really, who wants to eat placenta?!?!! That's like shoving your face up a cow's vagina and going "nom nom nom nom!!!!"
So, yes, I conquered a binge!!!! Hoo-ray! I don't think it's ever been that bad before, the urge I mean. I was literally in tears, goggling at the peanut butter, wanting to eat every singly particle in the jar. But instead, I drank a whole bottle of water, and worked my ass off in the hot sun for three hours. And I feel fantastic. I feel as strong as Mr. Clean :) He's got some awesome muscles. For a guy, I mean. I would never want to look like him eeeew. Lol.
So, no food for the rest of today, no calories tomorrow, and hopefully none on Thursday untill nighttime. It's my three months anniversary with my boyfriend, and because he loves food so much, and because I found low calorie, whole weat pasta, I'm making a spaghetti picnic for us in the park. Complete with candles, garlic bread, and instead of wine, soy smoothies :) I know, it's all mushy-lovey and stuff, but hey, what else am I gonna do with all this free time? Besides exercise three hours a day and update mydailyplate and my blogger constantly... I have a whole plan of what I'm doing every second of every minute on Thursday, all typed up, and ready for me to follow. That's what I do instead of eat food, I make lists. Lol.
But I think that comes with my OCD, because I have always made lists... of everything... what colors match together, how many calories you burn doing virtually any type of physical activity, every food under 50 calories.. yeah. Anyways, I feel like I'm rambling, but it's keeping me sane and out of the kitchen, so I'm happy :)
Oh and one more thing... I'm on my period. No wonder I was so emotional earlier today. At least I know it's not my brain telling me to eat. I wish my vagina would shut up and stop trying to take over. No, I do not REALLY want to eat chocolate, my vag just wants me to.
Well fuck you mother nature.
I'm not gonna give up because of you, or anyone else.
Take that!
:) hehe


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  2. (edited)

    haha. this whole post made me smile.
    i love making lists too. i like to start each day with a list of everything i want to get done. sometimes i even put on stupid little things like brush teeth, just so i can check it off because i think checking things off lists is one of the most satisfying things to do ever!
    cow placenta?? i've never heard that before! that is gross. i'm googleing it right now...
    hope tomorrow is as good a day as today was! (did that make sense?)

  3. Great to hear that you avoided a binge :) I love that you make lists - I should do that, too. I always have so many things I want to do that I get freak out because I can't figure out what to do first and then I end up sitting around all day. You always have such wonderful ways of handling things, and great ideas as well.

    Yeah, I never heard of the cow placenta thing either..

  4. Thank you for your comment, again :)
    And W-O-W. O_O You ARE a beast! All that exercise! Woo! Damn good for you, girl!

  5. thanks hun <3 ur comment meant alot to me!
    & congrats conquering ur binge urge!!!!! i admire u so much!~

  6. thank you so much :)
    and holy crap! Wow, I could never work out as much as you, haha. And you avoided a binge too!

    Keep it up and stay strong <3