Sunday, June 28, 2009

im lovin it :)

The Daily Plate that is. It's really helping me alot. Like I know if I binge, I'll have to post everything I ate, which would be waaaayyy too time consuming, so if I think about that, then maybe I won't binge :)
Today I had a resting day.
I looked through magazines all day, and cut stuff out that I liked, like words and pictures and random things. Yes, it was a good destraction.
Then when I got hungry, I remembered that I told my mom I would make some grated apples today, so I did that. And I took a really long time making them. I love making grated apples. With a cheese grater :)) Sprinkle cinnamon and your choice of nust on top, and voila! I actually made a lot more than I planned on, but oh well. At least my brother will have something good to snack on. And I didn't eat any, because preparing it was enough. Like just smelling the apples was enough to make me not really hungry I guess. Idk. But I drank water like the whole time, so that's probably why I felt so full.
Then I took a steaming hot bubbley bath with lavendar oils and lit some candles.
And now I'm going to maybe stretch and do some yoga before bed.
Today has been a good day :)
Day Three of not eating a whole lot: SUCCESS


  1. that is my new favorite website too!

    today i walked through the kitchen and like opened the fridge and smelled everything in it. then i did the same in the pantry. I opened every box and bag and just had a good smell and that was all. it wasn't even hard to resist eating and smelling was enough for me.

    i'm glad your day was so good! i hope every day it like this one!

  2. You know what, I sometimes do that sort of thing too. It's so nice to just smell the foods. Your sense of smell is really how you taste it, so it's like the next best thing! Plus, my sense of smell is heightened because of my food intolerances ;) ..I always bake for other people, or sometimes I'll watch a cooking show just to because, for some reason, it makes me satisfied!

  3. Thank you so much for your short and sweet comment :) I have realised that it has only been a week on a diet so far. I just don't want to show up at Prom as a pig.