Monday, June 29, 2009

control time

Ok so I decided to eat today. I'm eating the grated apple stuff I made, but only 1/4 of it because it has a lot of calories because there's walnuts in it. And 1/4 cup of oatmeal. Along with my coffee. And my goal was to drink a whole 24 ounce bottle of water during breakfast and when the bottle is empty, it's time to stop. And it worked :) If I take a sip between every tiny bite, it's really no big deal :) And even though I've eaten so little, I feel full.
My plan was to eat this for breakfast, a small salad for lunch before I go run, and maybe another salad or some v8 juice for dinner, but my mom wants to go out today :/ So That means I probably won't get a salad for lunch, which is good, but it decreases my chances of getting to go run because my boyfriend is coming over so it kind of is a good thing because I'll be skipping lunch and having dinner instead.
So I'm not really happy about going out, but not really sad either. Idk. Oh well. I can't control everything.
But I can control what I eat :)
Go me :))
According to, so far I've only had 175 calories.
Which is more than I've had in three days, but not by too much. And it can very easilt be burnt off WHEN I go running this afternoon.
Stay strong girls! We'll make it!!


  1. Good on you :) You're so strong- I admire you!

  2. i envy the control u have ~
    u're doing so well
    stay strong!<3