Saturday, June 20, 2009

glorious revolution

Soooooo today I decided it was finally time to get on the scale, in honor of my amazing strength the past two days (thursday- 150 calories, friday- 300 calories). Aaaaaannnnddd..
I weigh 166! That's my lowest weight so far, like ever! I'm so elated. I feel amazing. Actually, no, I kind of feel like shit. Like lazy and blaahhhh and I have no energy. I'm water fasting today and hopefully tomorrow, because I have plans for monday that hopefully do not include food, but most likely will, because I'm going to the zoo with my boyfriend. And I absolutely have to weigh 165 by monday. If I do this fast, then it should be no problem :) Yay!
And I have to mow the lawn tomorrow, so I'll burn off some extra calories, and since I won't be able to go to the track on monday I'm going tomorrow. Then I'll continue with that on Tuesday. I was gonna go today, but my mom decided she wanted me to leave my friend's house early and come home, and help her move stuff. So no running for me today :( But I will do crunches and lift some weights tonight, and since I just love the feeling of burning muscles in my thighs, I'm gonna do squats. And maybe pushups. And lunges.. I dunno.
I'm high on Ana right now :)

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