Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm going insane.

I haven't been on a scale in over a week and I honestly have no clue what one would say if I were to get on one. I feel like I've lost weight, but a lot of the time it seems like even when I feel like I have, I haven't. Or I've gained some. Idk. But not knowing exactly how much I weight is driving me up the wall.
But I have this pair of shorts that my friend and I tried on, size 10, and when I tried them on last month, I could barely get them buttoned.. But now, even though they are really tight in the waist and I have to stand up really tall and suck in my gut in order to hide my gross muffin top, I can wear them out like in public if I choose to :D So that made me happy at least :) I think I'm going to wear them to my boyfriend's show tonight. With this cute tank top I have. I am so excited :))) I haven't seen him in almost two weeks. Maybe he will notice how small I'm getting this time? Since I'm going to show some skin and all... I hope so. He never says anything about it at all. But oh well. One of my best friends is coming over to spend the night after the show, and I haven't seen her in over a month, and I know she'll notice I'm losing weight. I've lost at least ten pounds this summer so far :) YAY! And she doesn't really eat a lot so I'm hoping that with the show being tonight we won't have to eat anything today :D Which is good, since I did eat 2 grapes today, with my three cups of coffee and one cup of soymilk... But I'm still below 200 calories so I'm doing rather well. And I have to go volunteer for two hours before the show so that takes care of me eating for today.
Tomorrow will be a different story... :/ I'm really going to have to test myself. But if I make it through tomorrow, then the next few days will be really easy :)
I'm excited.
I really wish I had a scale. The cheapest one I've found is $8.00..... and I only have three. In change. That I've found on the sidewalk. Hehehe.
Hmmm..... so yepp... Nothing really new.
Except that I feel pretty right now :)

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