Tuesday, June 30, 2009


i ate the yogurt last night. with some fruit. about 150 calories. sorry this post will be shitty looking, im trying tohurry. were going to the beach :/// i didnt even workout at all yesterday. i may be able to get in a few crunches before we go, and some when we get there before lots of people get there i hope maybe 100 at least??
im drinking lots of coffee because it has no calories, but i like it when mydailyplate is balanced, so im gonna drink some soymilk for protein :D
im taking some frozen fruit to the beach, just so they cant say i never eat anything. my bf is going and he watches me sometimes, so if im eating even a little he wont notice a thing i hope.
wish me luck. im going to need it.
must must must get to the track this afternoon. i dont care how late it is, when i get home im going. and thats that!


  1. Shredded apples sounds delicious.. I am going to have to try that.

    I checked out that mydailyplate thing and it is awesome. I've been looking for a calorie intake diary/record thing like that for what seems like years, and now that I have found one (thanks to you!) I'm stoked on using it :)

  2. its so amazing!!!!! im addicted :)