Monday, June 29, 2009


I just got done cooking dinner, because apparently now I'm head chef in my household. Oh joy... But hey, at least I can trick my family into eating right :) I made portabella mushroom burgers. Only 162 calories per serving. Go me. So after that, my total for the day will be 334 calories. I may even have some soy yogurt for dessert, with some blueberries. Ooohh.... that sounds good. Maybe not. It sounds too good.... I'm setting today's limit at 500 calories. Except I didn't get to go run today because it rained :/ So that means tomorrow I'm definitely doing double time. And when mom goes to sleep, I'm shutting the door and doing Tae-Bo in my bedroom for maybe an hour. That will burn 518 calories, and I'll be at a 704 calorie deficit. Yay!
I love seeing the negative sign on my net calories on mydailyplatee. It makes me smile :)


  1. I love your determination and control! If I had to cook for my family, I'd probably devour everything in sight

    keep it up and stay strong :)

  2. You are so so strong girl! Your DP certainly expresses that well ;o