Thursday, June 18, 2009

banana <3

So, yesterday went amazingly well, and I'm feeling extremely full up with willpower and success :D Still no scale though. I won't be able to get on one untill the next time I'm at my grandma's house, or if I go to my best friend's house and her parents aren'thome. The next time I have money, I'm going to buy is a scale. I told myself this last time I had money, but instead my fatty boyfriend wanted to go to Starbucks, and because he ALWAYS pays for stuff, I offered to pay. There went my only ten dollars for a cheapo scale from Walmart. Why does he always want to eat it drives me insane and it's so hard to eat when we go out but it's even harder not to tell him no I don't really want to eat.
Anyways, yesterday I continued my water only fast. Yes, that's two whole days with zero calories, and no input of nasty toxins. AND I went running again. And my boyfriend came over last night but he had already eaten dinner, so I told him I ate at my friend's house after we were done exercising.
And today my plan was to eat a salad, but when I woke up I really wanted to eat a banana, so I spent like fifteen minutes cutting it up into tiny pieces, and I put half of it on a little plate, with ten pieces of chopped walnuts, and that was probably an hour ago, and I'm still munchin on it because I want to eat it really slow. I cut a banana into like 72 pieces. It's kind of weird, but it makes it look like there's more of it, and by eating it really slowly I'm getting full really fast. Plus, I'm already drinking a lot of water this morning :D
I feel so good right now.
b- 1/2 banana with 10 pieces of chopped walnut (~ 50 cals)
l- tba (hopefully small salad with vinaigrette dressing, ~ 50 cals)
d-tba (hopefully nothing)
Good luck to everyone else out there. I'm so happy to know that people actually care enough to comment. You're all what's keeping me going :)
<3 heather


  1. wow you are doing so well.. i never have the willpower to fast!!! i once managed 5 days but i cannot for the life of me ever imagine doing it again, i have no idea how i did it !! lol... fasting is hard work well done

  2. You know that saying, a way to a man's heart is through his stomach? Ha! (What is the way to a woman's heart?) That saying fits my husband to a T, though he is tall and thin (always has been, always will be) which makes me want to cry!

    If I could not think about food all day by distracting myself, I totally forget to eat (even through the hunger pains, I tell myself I am too busy to break). The water fast you are doing sounds great, how are you managing? Inquiring minds want to know your secrets!

    It will be cool when you get a scale. Sometimes I wish I had a scale, but I won't do that to myself until I'm down to the size I want to be (couldn't handle the truth of how fat I actually am, you know?!)

    I like the chopping up food into little pieces Idea.. I need to do that. And eat on smaller plates and in smaller bowls, with giant glasses of water :)

  3. Oh hey you can answer me on your own blog - I come and check it to see if anyone else has commented anything also :)

    I had this nutrition professor in college who said that it was a good idea to drink a huge glass of water first thing when you sit down to eat - before you take your first bite. Apparently if you fill your stomach with water, you don't need that much food to feel full. Just be careful drinking too much water in one day - it's be known to be deadly and what is the point of being beautiful if you are dead? I have no idea how much water you'd have to consume in one sitting to die from it, but I doubt a gallon would do that!

    I've been ignoring my hunger all morning but it's getting to that point now.. I think I am going to go drink a big glass of water and let that sit for a minute and maybe I won't be hungry any more :)

  4. haha. i dont think i could drink that much water in one sitting lol no i usually have a small water bottle with me 24/7 and when its empty i fill it up and drink half right away... i sip constantly so that i trick myself into thinking im not really hungry :)

  5. What a clever idea! I usually just gulp down glassfuls whenever I am around a faucet ha ha :)

  6. drink tea!!
    i think i'm tea's new spokes person. haha. its been so good to me! the caffeine gives me energy and makes me feel full for a little while. long enough for me to get really engrossed in something distracting.

    yeah i started running at the beginning of my summer break. like a month and a half ago. i could barely run a mile. just start really slow and low milage. i think its easiest to chose a distance like one mile. and run a little less or more than that every day. don't run the same amount every day. and after a week like that say to yourself, "i'm not going to get better if i don't run farther!" and bump it up to a mile a a quarter or a mile and a half... :]

  7. oh also, be sure to take rest days from running or you will kill your knees/ankles/self...i took one today and did some abs and yoga instead. and its nice to mix it up.

    and you can get decaf tea if you don't want the caffeine.

    haha. one last thought...another drinking idea: if i drink water and i still feel hungry i will drink half a cup of skim milk. its 45 cal, but it has calcium and makes me think i'm full for longer. or put a slice of lemon in your water.

  8. yeah i do that too with the water lol
    and im the spokesperson for v8 juice :D if you get the low sodium kind in a can, its only 70 cals, but i usually pour half of it in a mug, heat it up in the microwave, and drink it with a spoon cuz its kind of like soup.. and only 35 cals :D