Friday, June 26, 2009

thanks you guys :)

For the advice on the threesome idea.. I talked to my friend and basically told her everything I've been thinking up to this point and I also talked to my boyfriend, and he said that nothing would happen between us, but I still am thinking it's not going to happen anyways, because (1)my best friend gets really nervous, (2) when am I ever going to feel comfortable enough to let my best friend see me naked (I know, its sad.. my boyfriend can see my fat but she can't) and (3)when are we ever going to find time when all three of us are busy, in the same place, and ready to do this..
But anyways, I think I resolved that conflict and it probably won't happen anyways so whatever.
I'm currently feeling.......... I don't know. Mad? Because I ate so much yesterday? Yeah, but according to, I burned off all the calories I ate yesterday during my workout, so I'm not really mad.. just kind of upset with myself for letting it get so far. Like I didn't have to eat the second bowl of rice, but I did :/
But today so far has been wonderful, and I'm going back to the track to workout the same way I did yesterday, and I have to clean the house because my mom gave me a "list of things to keep me occupied". Which should burn off the calories in the chocolate soymilk I just drank.
Speaking fo chocolate OH MY GOD I found the most amazing thing at Publix on Wednesday. They have zero calorie chocolate syrup, and zero calorie ranch dip. I almost died. And I found this peanutbutter chocolate stuff that's vegan :) yay!
I bought some, bt I'm not going to eat it. I'm saving it.. for.. Idk what yet. For when I'm skinny and can eat whatever I want :)
I can't wait. Today is going to be so great :)))
Good luck to all of you sweethearts!!!


  1. i'm glad you like the daily plate. i love/hate it. It always says i can eat like 900 more calories at the end of the day. which makes me think, "alright...should i go and eat more?...or is it wrong? but how could this cite be wrong? Lance Armstrongs name is on it, this is science right?..." But i love how it tracks everything and tells your your calories after working out and everything.

  2. yeah i know i was like
    *jaw drops*
    lol. and i like the meals thing where it tells you exactly how many calories you eat if you eat like... spaghetti. or something. lol.