Friday, June 19, 2009


Yesterday I only ate what I said I ate for breakfast, and then later I had some v8 juice and 1/4 a slice of toast (I get the flatbread stuff thats only 100 cals a roll..but i used the top half, and then fed half of that to my doggy :)) Not a salad, but still very controlled. I'm really working on my control issues with food. I think yesterday helped me a whole lot because I feel more.... powerful. Over my eating. Like I don't have to scarf down a whole loaf of bread to feel full :D So my caloric intake yeasterday was about 150 cals :)) And I got on my grandmother's scale... *drum roll* 173 :D Yes, it isn't as low as it was last week, but this means I've lost most of my binge weight, so with my minimal eating again today, and I'm going running today, and then fasting tomorrow and Sunday, I think I should be ok :D I'm so happy right now :DDD
b- 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup strawberries, 10 pieces of chopped walnut, 1/2 cup orange juice (125 ish cals)
l- tofu (75 cals)
d- tba (none... going to my beautiful ana friend's house to make sure neither of us eat tomorrow)

Oh and one more thing: I have 9 followers! Holy Crap!!! This is so amazing to me because I only recently got my first comment from someone other than my best friend, and already people are listening :) And I'm talking to some really inspiring and beautiful people who keep me strong. I can only hope my comments to them help them stay strong and in control. Control is key.
Once you lose control over your body, there's no hope left.


i totally went overboard with my tofu :( but oh well, im still only at 200 cals, which is really good for me so I guess it's ok. I'm still going to have a small salad though, but after I go tan for two hours. Then I'm off to my besty's house to exercise a whoooole lot and then fast tomorrow :D
I love you all!


  1. Your comments and your posts, both, are helpful and inspiring themselves! I am glad you are doing so well :) When it takes you so long to get the "binge weight" off, doesn't it just feel like it wasn't worth it? I mean, next time you think you might binge, just try to remember what you went through after the last time, right? But I am very happy for you, and I bet you will get more readers because your story is a good one :)

  2. it must be nice having a friend that you can actually be with and who, not only wont judge you if you skip a meal, but actually joins you! i hate lying to my friends cause i love them but no one i know understands.
    I have started to wear the red ana bracelet so maybe i'll me a stranger who becomes my friend?

  3. haha i didn't know you liked my picture that much =]
    but i understand how happy you get to have someone follow your blog. i only have one, but i was so ecstatic when i saw that someone decided to follow me.
    Everyone who has read your blog will help you to stay strong, i'm sure of it. you will get more readers too, just give it time.
    think thin and stay strong for now xo

  4. i love the red bracelets! they are so cute mine has tiny red beads and a dragonfly charm :)
    my friend actually made it for me lol