Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Feel Good *dunna dunna dunna dun*

I knew that I would *dunna dunna dunna dun*
Sorry, umm.. lol There's cheesy uplifting music coming from my mom's room, I think she's having a bad day :/
But I'm not! My two 500 calorie days almost couldn't have been more perfect :) And I ate like sooo much yesterday too, and still stayed under my limit. Pretty cool. And I'm fasting today, for no-cal wednesday. And I really want to switch day 6 and day seven, because of my boyfriend's family reunion... I know there's almost no way I can go without eating all day long, since he's picking me up around like 8 in the morning, and I won't be home until at least after 10 pm... :// I almost want to cry just thinking about it. But then, I kind of had this idea, where if I switch days 6 and seven, letting me eat 400 calories on saturday instead of 100, then maybe it would be ok? And I also thought about fasting Friday and adding the extra 100 calories of that day to saturday, so that I'm allowed 500 calories on saturday, but I'm not sure. Part of me wants to not even include Saturday in my ABC, and just continue on Sunday with my water fast and pick up where I left off on Monday.
I think that one would give me less headache.
But I feel so good for sticking to this. I think this is the plan that might actually work. I cannot wait to get to Walmart, and get on the scale there lol I hate being so broke. Broke as a friggin joke. Lol.
But I'm in a good mood today :) And I feel like a fish, cuz I've been drinking water non-stop for three days lol
Omg but I haven't been able to go exercise or do like anything at all because of the rain so I'm kind of upset about that :'( But yesterday my brother and my friend that spent he night and I danced in the rain. It was actually like a lot of fun.
Except she asked to wear one of my swimsuits, cuz I have a lot ofthem, so I said yeah sure ok. Normally, she's a lot smaller than me, but now we're the same size, except the swimsuit she asked to wear was my new one and she like had it on before I could even say no and I mean don't get me wrong, we're the same size but her ass is definitely twice the size of mine, and I just know she stretched out my brand new bathing suit, the one I was saving specifically for Saturday. I'm so pissed. I know that sounds mean or whatever like bitch done went and stretched out my bikini but damn she didn't have to be so rude like that and then like.. now I have to wear my old bikini which is almost too big to even wear ugh.
She was a very boring hostee too. She got here, ate all my food, watched all my movies, hogged the blanket, and then slept aaaaalllllll day long yesterday in my bed, except to get up and say "Heather can I get some food?"
Yeah bitch. Eat it all. Get fucking fat and stretch out my favorite bikini and sleep in my bed all fucking day and be the boringest person I've ever met. Like seriously ever since high school when she got new friends she acts just like them: petty, stuck up, selfish, and lazy. Ugh. She's one of those girls who are like really annoyingly girly and complains about everything. She used to not be that way. It's like she's hiding her true self. I miss her. She was a tomboy, not afraid to say she was bisexual, and didn't talk in that annoying dumb-girl voice.
Anyways sorry about the rant, I had to let that out.
I'm definitely going to do like some kick-ass exercise in my room today. Crunches, squats, wieghtlifting, the works. Gotta lose weight by Saturday. I mean, his WHOLE ENTIRE FAMILY is going to be there. I want to make him feel special by looking my best.
Shit I don't even know what to wear. Like no clue. Shorts and a cute shirt? Jeans and a band shirt? mini-skirt with black leather boots? jk.. anyone got ideas?
omg my best friend si coming home from her trip I'm so excited yay I get my ana buddy back!!!!!


  1. hi! i just started reading your blog, i love it. would love to talk to you about this stuff...just kind of adopted ana :)

  2. Hahaha. I totally understand about the bathing suit! And your not bitchy for feeling that way. She sounds inconsiderate.

    What's the bathing suit look like? (:

    Andddd what about short and an empire waist shirt? Or tunic? So that it's like cute and flirty without being overbearing?

  3. i hate it when friends/family wear new things and stretch it out. sucks big time! i'm sure you look fine tho...and it's always an excuse to go buy another bikini/suit =)

    summer's still young!