Friday, July 10, 2009

oh. my. god.

That speechless feeling? That I got after I re-measured everything?
It came back today at Walmart :)
I got on the scale in the middle of the aisle... with street clothes on, and my purse still on my shoulder...
it said...
FUCKING 165!!!
All the hard work finally paid off :DDD
However, the best part is, I talked my mom into buying the scale.
Cheap walmart scale, $7.88.
When I got home, I took every particle of anything that isn't naturally attached to a human body off of me, took a shower, dried off.. got on the scale...
and... it said...
FUCKING 160!!!
I'm so speechless.
I'm like..
oh my god. The lowest weight I have ever been since I don't even know when.
And so close to the 50s.
I have ten pounds to lose by september 1st. I can fucking do this :D

Ana, I love you, you're my hero <333

And I really do want to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog. You guys are truly amazing people, and the nicest people I have ever talked to in my life, and you make this process easier than it would be otherwise.



  1. awhwhwh! thats so great. and no i don't mind that you update like 4+ times a day cause i'm on like 10+ times some days hehe. blogging/reading others blogs keeps me sane!!

  2. Oh goodness!!!
    That's so amazing and inspiring. : )
    Great job!

  3. Woot woot! That's incredible!
    You've lost a lot of weight- good job.


    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I'm so happy for you. You can do this, you are a great inspiration! I love the positive vibe of your blog lately. All the surprise moments are awesome. How was the book the hunger years? It looks interesting but I'm worried it might trigger a binge.

  6. I really feel happy for you, Good job! :)
    It's really inspiring :)
    I came across your blog just today, but even your headline "...because nothing tastes as good as thin feels" motivates me :)