Saturday, July 25, 2009

answers to comments and stuffs :]

first off, im in a big hurry.

second, answers to comments:
pokerface- i have an outfit that i have picked out for the first day of school... and its teeny, especially compared to what i used to look like, and i think you should totally buy that exact same outfit as the guy in the picture because its awesome motivation, and cuz when you do get teeny it will really easy to wear it and make it look awesome even though its simple :)))
sadhana- my highest was almost a us size 18. i know, i know. :P when i got down to 190 i was around a 14/16, and from 180-165 ish i was a size 12. i can wear the size 10s i have now, but one of them is made really small and the other is made really big, and i can barely fit into the size 8 but im almost positive that when i reach 150 ill be able to wear them no problem :) my ultimate goal is to be down to like size 4, hopefully by the time school ends next year. and yes, exercise helps like tremendously, and without it i think i would still be huge because honestly when i dont go to the track i sit around my house aaallll day long and like read or play sudoku or waste time on the computer :] im a lazybones too :]] hehe
thinforever- yes, my mom is kind of dumb sometimes lol. she noticed last year when i stopped eating though, but i didnt lose near as much weight as i have this year, and i never tried to hide it from her last year either, but this year like i figured it was just better to make her think i do eat alot instead of having her confront me about not eating or whatever.. and like when school is in, its sooo much easier because i usually take like a bagel or cereal with me and i tell her i eat on the bus or when i get to school, and i pack a lunch, and theres a bathroom that no one ever goes in in the mornings and when i get there i just trash all the food before anyone even sees em at school. yepyep :]

third, i just got back from the track, but i didnt do enough today, but im going to my friends house and were gonna ride bikes and walk around her neighborhood three times which should take like 2 hours ish and then tomorrow were riding bikes like all day because were both gonna fast tomorrow i so cannot wait
and if i dont post tomorrow its because im not at home or near a computer/dont have time etc
and i need help like, ok i was debating over if i should have a diet coke like i havent had anything soda related at all since like 2 months ago and i pretty much gave up sodas at the beginning of this year but like i dont want coffee or tea right now but i want that caffeine kick before i go volunteer but whenever i do drink sodas they make me all bloaty and gross like a puffer fish and i know its just water weight but im so scared that im gonna blow up like a balloon if i drink soda...
but if i have one before i go volunteer ill probably sweat most of it out anyways.. so i think i will.. lol my mind is running so fast right now omggggggg
:]]]] stay strong lovelies :]]]


  1. I still can't believe how much you've lost! This post is so upbeat, I loves it ; D
    Hmmm....I've noticed the same thing with soda, so I've limited how much I drink and noticed I appear less bloated. I'm sure having one is no big deal. Just some hot lemon water to make up for it.
    Stay strong and have fun volunteering!

  2. Yes! Someone is fasting with me! ; D I know we can do it too!

  3. Noooo! No diet soda. Diet coke has aspartame and it will kill you. I have a post about it. Please read it :)

    And you got a good game plan girl. You will be where you want in no time! 150 here she comes!! :) And dont sweat it about the track today, I know you said you didnt do as much as you wanted, but anything is better than nothing right? :D Right.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  4. Woohoo, you are doing awesome!! I get all hyper-active-minded just reading your post, and I was ALREADY pretty high-energy, and I don't drink soda, it makes you feel full with very little calories, but the big-tummy-feeling isn't worth it to me.

    I'm fasting tomorrow too!! And Tuesday. :) Your blog always makes me feel like I can be better, and I know I can. Thank you, don't give up, stay strong, you're accomplishing so so much!

  5. This post makes me smile *grin* you make lovley smiley faces
    I whish someone would fast with me,but I don't want to go dragging anyone into this mess I'm in. I just want to help the people who are already there (and honestly hope they help me a bit too)Problem is I can't find any on the surface of mars where I happen to live (small town actually but just as isolated)I guess it is a good thing that I am schizo and have my imaginary friends (Calliope and Xerxeis both say hi!loveyoursmileyfaces) Honest they help me, but they seem to creep people out. Have a lovely life

  6. Drinking one soda is fine. Especially if you're going to volunteer and be working all day. It will keep you from eating if nothing else. And as for the aspartame it will only do bad things to you if you drink it in EXTREME excess and ALL the time. That study is kind of messed up.
    And i must tell you again that you will reach size 8 by the start of school. Both of us need to reach our goals by school ;]
    and don't sweat it about the track. At least you got up and went in the first place. Plus, you're volunteering all day and you can always go again later if you really feel you haven't worked out enough. Stay strong love <3

  7. Thank you - you really have no idea how much motivation your story gives me.. I just need to be a busy body like you and run around all day.. Gah, the energy you have, so intense! Keep it up!