Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Omg last night was so great! I ate half of my tv dinner (Amy's Tamale Verde, 100 % Vegan ;D) right in front of my bf and my friend, and my friend was like "Ooooh I wanna try!!" And she ate like 1/4 of it, and I told myself I would only eat half of it, but because she ate some, it was more like 40%!!!!!!!
Yaaaaaaayyyyyy for having fat friends who love food!!
So my total for yesterday was 486 calories!
And thank god today is a 500 calorie day, but thanks even more that my friend isn't awake yet. I can eat my oats in my soymilk and not feel weird :) Because I really have developed this really weird way of eaating like insanely small bites and idk I think it just looks weird when I eat because I eat so little and I try to make every bite count so it takes me a loooooong time to eat... Then I can always just be like oh I already ate, but I'll cook you something :) I love that line. It works on my mom all the time. It kinda side-tracks her from what I didn't eat to what she possibly could eat :))
I really hope nobody suspects anything. Because as far as I can tell, they're all pretty damn clueless :)
Even though when my friend got to my house she was like who the fuck are you and where's the other half of Heatehr?!!?!?!?!
I smiled the biggest smile I've ever smiled in my life. I couldn't help it. Yes, I have reached a plateau, but I've lost 50 pounds, and I'm at the lowest weight/size of my life, and I feel so much better about myself than I ever have.
There's a long way to go, but I've come so far, but knowing that I've made it this much is my thinspiration for the day <333


  1. Good good good - it is always nice to have people notice all your heard work, isn't it? :)

    I remember BEING that fat friend who would eat your food!!! Ha ha ha! I am glad not to be there any more - I like being the one who politely turns down the food :D

  2. omg i know right hehe and my friends and family are like.. in a way proud of my progress because i can control myself instead of eating like a whole pan of brownies. it also reinforces when they ask whats my secret and i tell them "exercise and proper diet, just knowing whats healthy for my body and whats definitely not healthy for me" lol

  3. haha. omg this sounds so great! i'm so happy for you!
    yeah i remember being that friend too. hmm...i wonder if any of my friends ever used me to eat their food? do you ever wonder if any of your friends have/had an ED and they are tricking you as well as you trick them?

  4. omg i hope not.. i dont think so...

  5. Good job with the 50 pounds! I'm around that myself so I totally know how excited that can make you! How much do you have left?
    It's still pretty terrifying when you think of everything left to lose, but I put it in terms of "10 pounds". Every 10 pounds now is a huge mile stone, because I've never stepped on the scale and read lower than 150 that I can EVER remember, except when I was in like...elementary school.

    And I'm so close to the 130's, and then I'll be less than 10 pounds from the 120's, and then less than 10 pounds from the 110's, and then less than 10 pounds from my goal... o.o It's totally mind blowing, isn't it?

    i'm so proud of you for being so good!
    You're my thinspiration too!