Saturday, August 1, 2009

i haven't gone over 500 yuet.
i said i was going to do a liquid day but idk what came over me i had oatmeal this morning and that set me up for disaster..
then i was doing ok until mom wanted to watch movies and make popcorn..
and i said i wouldnt eat anymore untill tonight but i did i had a baked potatoe, veggie burger, broccoli..
so im at like 480 calories i canNOT go over today.
tomorrow is my 4 months anniversary. wow its kind of amazing i actually didnt get bored with him yet :] and he still likes me or he wouldnt be with me so maybe theres something here?
idk but i hope he has to work tomorrow b/c tomorrow is no calories, and i have to stick to it b/c i haven't lost any weight.
which is good b/c it means im still 156, lower than i've ever been in my ENTIRE life! which is amazing for me :]
and i just read everyones updates and tried my bestest to comment most of them and it is really a great distraction b/c ive found so many new people on here that will listen and at least try to understand.
thank you.
and now i have to go volunteer, and when i get home at 6:30 im hoping to go to my friend's house maybe and spend the night b/c i know if i go over there, or if she comes over here, that she wont make me eat food, and it will be easier to resist food knowing that she is doing the same and we can help each other resist.
god i love her. she sees me for me.
i love my crazy clown :]
anywho, im hoping maybe when i get home ill have tea and a shower and more tea and just go to bed yes thats the plan im so full of anxiety right now about not eating im going to stay on here as long as possible before i go get ready to leave that way i dont have time to eat
my stomach hurts from eating but i want more :'(


  1. Oatmeal is so yummy, but so bad, isn't it? I am appalled at how many calories it has.. seems so unfair to me. Nuts, too. They have a lot.

    That is so sweet that it's your 4 month anniversary, and what you said about him still liking you and stuff. Awww :) I get all nervous when I see my husband - we're married and I wonder sometimes why he still likes me. So silly. Ha ha! I guess he really does love me like I love him.. You must really like your boyfriend if you haven't gotten bored with him yet (ha ha) and him you, right? That is so sweet :) I want to be 17 again!

    I think you'll do fine coming home and drinking tea. It can be hard, but just stay in your room and no looking through the cupboards or in the fridge. And if your mom wants you to eat popcorn and watch movies with her, just tell her you're too tired or something.

  2. Oatmeal always makes me hungry. I know it's supposed to make you full, but it always makes me want to's evil.
    Tea is my savior. I got some a new one too! It's mint green tea. <3
    You're so lucky to have a friend who knows what you're going through
    I know you can resist today! Just think! Soon you'll be down to 150!
    Stay strong <3

  3. I always find that food causes more hunger. Saying that though, I never manage to fast! You are going so well, already having lost so much weight. Keep it up!

  4. Wow, 4 months, that's great!! Happy Anniversary! :)

    You are strong, you can make it under 500 today!! Satisfaction today is not worth the disgust tomorrow, don't eat unless you need to!

    Be strong, you have a lot of support!!! :D

  5. I just wanted to say congrats on the amazing weight loss already (and the four month anniversary :))!!

    Just found your blog, and it's great inspiration for me. Keep thinking THIN. :)

  6. happy anniversary!

    and thank you so much for your fantastic blog! your thinspiration and determination has kept me from doing something not good (i.e. fattening) a ton.