Friday, August 7, 2009

senior pitcherrrssss

my mom even commented on how much smaller i look :)
except when i was done i was like ohmygah fooooood
and i ate like 20 triscuits.. and some vegan chocolate..
but didnt go over 500 calories, and im going to the track right now!

oh, but before i go, you guys are awesome, and after the triscuits i was still 154, so i decided that the chocolate would be ok since i did so well this week :)

500 or less tomorrow?
water only on sunday :)
orientation monday, and i get to see all my friends that i havent seen in forever and show off myself for the first time :)

unless i get there waaay early before anyone else does..
i may just do that.
then come home and sleep :)

i love you guys <3


  1. WOW HEATHER! Thank you so much for telling me :D aw i'm so so proud and pleased !!! you complete inspiration of a girl! I bet you looked awesome. You should so post the senior pictures! When do you get them? Post post post :D

    I lost another lb this morning :) and stuck to ana all day. It was easy this time. I feel like I've broken through a barrier and I'm so focused now. I wasn't even tempted by food :D

    You completely deserved the triscuits btw. COMPLETELY. I don't think anyone has ever deserved triscuits more. haha well done on treating yourself too :) orientation should be so much fun now. I can't wait to hear how it goess!! take care dear :D

  2. Oh, you are doing so perfect, everyone is going to be looking at you and you'll know it, live the attention of their astonished gazes!!! :D

    I agree, post the senior pics, I bet you looked great!

    So lucky for you that your mom notices and is happy! Keep up being amazing!! :)

  3. keep going hun! you need to do this for yourself, you seriously deserve it! you deserve to have the perfect body and be happy in your own skin! keep working out, keep restricting, keep drinking water, always stay active! we all are here to help you anytime youre in a rut. if you are, CHUG a bottle of water. dont let yourself eat til the water is gone. you wont want to by then!
    ive definitely been in a food rut lately, but am SERIOUSLY getting back on track now! so im on the same page as ya!

    love ya! keep it up, and i bet your sen pics look sooo good :]

    who knows, maybe by the time you see it in the yearbook, youll be 10 or even 20 lbs lighter :]]]


  4. I'm so glad to hear your pics turned out. It's nice to have such a positive post to read!

  5. Grunge came back? I wore it when it happened the first time. Aaah, comfy comfy grunge.

    Heather, I hope your pics turn out beautifully. And remember, there is always photoshop.

  6. Show them who is the most beautiful one of all! Sorry, I couldn't resist the kitsch.

    I hope you walk right past every single person who ignored you for the summer and act like they don't even exist.

    I hope you put on some tight-ass jeans and pissed off makeup and look light years ahead of those imbeciles.

  7. heyyyyyyyyy i wana see your pictures :) you must look fabulous!

  8. GO YOU!
    I sort of want to bug you to post them up!
    Are you just entering your senior year or something?

  9. Will you be posting any of the pictures up?? I'm sure they are gorgeous!

    Keep up the fantabulous work! Triscuits are hard to ignore (for me at least, so I just try to avoid them completely), so that's amazing you only ate 20. Is vegan chocolate any good?

    Haha, and they are probably definitely not vegan. :)


  10. I wanna see the picturesssss!!!!!
    Omg. And yay on your mom noticing! That's awesome! <3

    God you are doing so great. I cant wait to hear about the reactions from the people you havent seen in ages! Love! <3