Tuesday, August 18, 2009

disney movies

i want to be a kid again. i want to watch disney movies and cuddle with my blanket and teddy bear and eat mini-pizzas and kid cuisines and drink my grandma's sweet tea :/
but instead im losing weight and drinking green tea w/ splenda, AND i get to keep my movies :)
one day when im skinny enough i'll have a kiddie day where i just laze around all day with the lion king and beauty and the beast and the little mermaid and my teddy bear and maybe pizza but hopefully by then i wont remember what that tastes like so i wont want it.
today i've had 1 1/2 cups light plain soymilk+1/2 tray of ice+1 teaspoon of instant coffee+ 2 teaspoons zero calorie chocolate syrup blended until creamy :)
i do love love love my blender idea. i feel amazing.
oh and i just finished drinking my green tea.
the rest of the day will be water and some vegetable soup mix (35 calories)
total for today: 135 calories.
weight: 153
go me :)
and tomorrow is no-calorie wednesday, and im going shopping with my friend all day and were gonna help each other not eat.
i have to be 150 by friday, because my bf invited me to olive garden :/ ive never been, and i really want to go, but i dont want to eat :/
but if im 150 by then, i'll let myself go, and then im fasting all weekend to get ready for school. no solids until monday night! i can do this!
i just wanted to say (yes, im gonna get mushy) as ive said before, i freaking love you uys. i have 61 followers now. o.o like, wow. its incredible that i went from having a secret place where i vented everything out and tracked my goals and stuff and i thought nobody would ever find it and after like a month of having a blog it was still unseen by the world and now im talking to people from different countries who share the same goals as i do and we all get along and help eachother through the tough times and we all congratulate people on reaching goals and this whole community is so uplifting and i feel surrounded by the most amazing people in the world, and it is an amazing feeling.

k im gonna go watch lady and the tramp now :)
bye loves <3


  1. 135 calories. WOW!
    You are doing sooo good. Hope the olive garden will be great.

    Stay strong XD

  2. good for you!!! stay strong!

    i love kid's disney movies. the old ones. they were the best :)

  3. where are you getting this zero cal chocolate syrup ?! probz cant get it in the uk

    disney movies are thee best lol:)


  4. I miss Kid Cuisine so much haha! And Lunchables!
    Olive Garden is the fucking devil. I haven't been in so long but any place that gives you unlimited salad and breadsticks just wants you to kill yourself. You should look up the menu before you go if you can so you can figure out what the least-damaging thing would be. : )

    Your blog motivates me so much. : )

  5. It's such a wonderful feeling to know that you are not really alone, isn't it? <3

  6. gooooooooooooooooooosh, disney movies are so f**ing awesome!! ♥ ♥ ♥
    I love them, too. When I was younger, I always wanted to become a Disney-illustrator, but then... they came about with that animated crap... =(((
    Anyways, wish you the best for your Olive garden thingy! Remember: In the end, it's all a matter of willpower ;o)))

  7. 135calories takes a loot of control
    you have it hun
    keep it up!
    ps, disney is like my guilty pleasure
    i still love the movies

  8. I love Disney movies, especially the Little Mermaid!!! :) My sister and I stayed up until almost 3 am at my grandmother's house singing Disney songs and repeating nursery rhymes. Nothing like a visit to the elderly to make you feel like a small child again, right? :D

    You are so confident and quick to meet your goals! I bet you're below 150 on Friday. Just watch out for the high cals, because the average restaurant entree has between 1000 and 1500 calories!!! I swear, there needs to be a law out there to put cal limits on everything, but until that miracle day arrives when no serving of a single food can be over 150 cals, we'll have to look out....

    Tell what you buy on that shopping trip, I love shopping!! :)

  9. I want to come over for your "kiddie day" ; ) haha! Sounds amazing...
    I love Disney movies too <3 And ironically enough my school was started by Walt Disney...
    I'm sure you'll be down to 150! Wow! You are almost in the 140s! Awesome <3 I'm so happy for you darling <3 Keep up the amazing work ; )

  10. Wow, 135 calories! You're doing really good, girl :)
    I love disney movies too! I wish I had more of them on DVD.

    Stay strong =)