Thursday, August 6, 2009

haha yay

So my friend and I have crawlde out of our rocks, and we looked around the mall, and here's what we have found:
-grunge is apparently "in" now, even though she and i used to have "nirvana love" days where we ripped our pants and wore flannel to school in like 7th grade... we were "in" before "in" was in :)
-cute is in: like bows and flowers and mixing girly-ness with the grungeiness (me likey)
-goth is apparently out now: fml, now i cant wear my tripps lol as if i still would wear them :) except they draw waaayy too much attention to myself and ive really only worn them twice :/
-music: yeah still dont know lol
although i loooove metro station. idk why i usually hate that type of music, but i really like them lol
guess the fuck what :DDD
Heather is in heaven right now, because 1)she feels soooooooooo empty :) and 2)because she weighs........... *insert dramatic drum roll here*

155 pounds!

I'm so happy.

oh and go here:
i wanna be like this girl :/ she's so cute and gorgeous and has an amazing voice and i really really want to make music soooo bad and be on youtube but i am void of video camera that works and a good enough voice...
my bf thinks im amazing, but hes supposed to cuz hes my bf... i disagree, i think i suck


  1. What is up with fashion? I don't know about you, but I hate being trendy and now my style is all.. like trendy and stuff. It irritates me.. just wait until the 80s butt rock hair styles come back.. oh shit.

    Anyway, kudos on 155 - you kick ass!

  2. congrats on 155! and she is an amazing singer!! :) i just subscribed. sounds like you had fun at the mall. much love!!

  3. omg same with the metro station thing i should hate them but i dont i love them

    yay for the 155

  4. yayyyy on the 155!!
    im so excited for you! only five more pounds and you will be in the 140's! awesome awesome.
    ughhhhh throw away your tripps, dear god. i used to be colorful punk girlie cute harajuku touch fashion.. then it became "in" and i said fuck it. im pretty normal now. i used to have pinstripe bondage tripps and tripps with chains and i cant believe i ever touched the goth fashion :( gah. i liked street punk more fuck yeah. :) then i added girlie and cute with it. it was neat. now im over it.

    did you know metro station is hannah montanas brothers band? LOL :) they rock though!

  5. girl, way to go on the 155. i knew you could do it. :)

  6. That's so wonderful!!!!!! : D
    Haha! So funny how grunge is in!
    Stay strong <3

  7. Way to go on the 1-5-5!! That is awesome!

    Love the link. She does have such an amazing voice!