Thursday, August 6, 2009

woot ^___^

I am letting myself be pampered by... myself :)
For my senior pictures, tomorrow.. oh god..
But I'm doing so good I haven't eaten anything in 2 days and my tummy is getting flatter and flatter and it makes me soooooooooo happy :)
So to celebrate, I'm going to color my hair again, blonde on bottom, dark brown on top, and maybe mix it together in the middle? To add a new dimension to it :) I love doing hair I live for it it's my dream: to be a runway hairdresser. AAAAHHH I cannot wait to get my beauty license when I'm older and move to California.
And to be skinny. Lol.
Anyways so yeah those are the colors and I think I'm going to trim it up some cuz it's lookin a little old now.
Then I'm going to paint my nails, but I might do that tomorrow, and even though I'm reallt tan now cuz of it being summertime, I'm going to use some sunless tanner lotion to blend everything in better.
I finally pulled together some outfits for my pictures, there's three main sets outside of the yearbook pose. In one I'm totally doing like all the random things I love in my wardrobe: johnny cash tank top, my grandpa's hat, flannel shirt, blue converses, and skinny jeans, with my huge bright green earrings lol. Then I'm doing black and white rocker-ish stuff with a red background (my fave, since I get to wear my ramen shirt) ((I do love me some ramen mmmmmmm)). Then the last one is supposed to be formal ish but fuck that I'm not formal and all of my prom type dresses are way too huge now so I'm waering jeans and a tank top :)
I feel so good.
Omg I went through all the stuff in my closet today and I'm donating everything bigger than a size 12 b/c they don't fit. Yay! That was some great thinspo right there lemme tell ya.
I'm really hyper btw cantchya tell?
I'm waiting for my hair to dry so I can start coloring it :D
I think I might be 154 tomorrow 0.0 Cuz this morning the scale was like 154.5 ish but I do not trust my scale so I stuck with 155, which is plenty good enough for me anyways :)
I'm so happy omg I haven't had any calories for 2 whole days this is so awesome I feel so empty and free and light and happpppyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my phone charger broke :/

Oh well :D I got a new one :D
Stay strong peoples! We iz be awesome!!!


  1. Awh congratulations! You're doing amazingly well. : )))) You'll look absolutely stunning in your senior pictures.

  2. Oh my gosh, that is some majorly exciting news, I'M SO HAPPY WITH YOU!!! :D :D :D

    Seriously you rock, I know your pictures are going to turn out positively beautiful--everything you want. :)

  3. OH WOW are you hyper.. lol.
    I am so stoked for you. Tomorrow is going to be amazing. You better show us! :) Before and afters! And what size are you at right now? And omg, thats awesome that you had to get rid of a size you wore and now you dont! WEEE! Post tomorrow after pictures!! <3

  4. Sounds amazing and you are going to look stunning!!! what thinspo, getting rid of all your big clothes because they dont fit. keep going and reach your goals, we are all here to cheer you on:)

  5. IM SO HYPER TOO! Aw, every bit of hunger pain is so worth it isn't it?? WELL DONE on losing the weight for your senior photos! That's SUCH a good achievement and I'm so proud of you! I seriously love reading your blog, you inspiration :)

    You sound like you have such a cool fashion sense too! I bet you're going to look fantastic in these photos. :) :) :)

  6. thats all good stuff rolled into one. what is better than doing hair etc and fasting at the same time. all that outside stuff makes for feeling good inside..... awesome

  7. Congrats ! I bet you're looking fabulous ^_^

  8. Oh my stars!! Congrats on being able to donate all your size 12 stuff! (((jealous)))!! :)

    Love that you're going to be wearing SKINNY jeans for your pictures! :D

    Keep up the amazing job!