Tuesday, August 25, 2009

okkk welll

i tlked to guidance, but they couldnt put me in weight training cuz of my schedule...
so i took study hall instead :D
that way, i can do all my homework at school and have more time for exercise when i get home!

intake yesterday: 200 calories
intake so far today: 200 calories
total intake for today: hopefully 300, no more than 500

fasting tomorrowwwww
and bowling starts on thursday yayyyyyy

im tryin to catch up but my school already has me doin so much work that i have very limited time to blog :/
but do know that i love you all!!!

oh hey wait today i weighed 155 :)


  1. Ack, I wish my school had study hall!
    Good luck on your fast. : )

  2. Ew, I never like study hall. I have to use the time at home so I can avoid bingeing freakishly. It's just school that makes me eat like a pig afterwards. :P Bleh.

    Glad you're happy about most stuff though! Even though the no-weight-class thing sucks. :/

  3. Good thinking with the class change. ;)

  4. fantastic thinking, sweets! and congratulations on the loss! i'm going to be different, and not end my comment with a face. HA! <- that was the end...

  5. Study hall is actually awesome...I loved being able to get my homework done BEFORE going home, so I wouldn't have to think about it.

    Keep up the good work!