Monday, August 24, 2009

first day of school

ok, here i go.. got my cup of coffee, and im out the door

i can do this

i can do this

i can do this...

i really want to cry, but i can do this.

i think.

ill come on tonight to let you know how it went.
i feel so sad right now, but giddy and hyper becuase i woke up so early and cuz ive already had a pot of coffee :DDDDD

and my makeup looks fucking amazing

and because im down to 158 now!
i love you, ana.
you fucking cunt :)


  1. i hope you had the best first day of school.
    i am also a senior this year jeii
    but my scgool start of september so i still have a week of freedom

    i just finised reading your blog from the beginning... and now i am off to my driving school...
    i just wanted to say that you are so lucky to have a ana buddy in real life.

    stay strong girl
    you are a true inspiration for me

  2. 1. thank you for your comment and letting me know that there is someone reading =]
    2. it makes me feel better to know that im not alone in dealing with these kind of ppl so thank u again =]

    i'm avoiding my friend now so hopefully i'll get better....i cant even look at her msn name without crying whole night ...

    hope your day went well,
    as a non-ed : this is just one of the phrases you will go through in life it will pass just let things flow
    as a co-ed friend: i feel your fear, because growing up is something that i've feared for 10 years now...sometimes i just want to stop time...=\
    but at least we have each other and know that we are not alone, and there's others that have similar experience and say " I understand" and mean it!

    with lots <3

  3. First day of school? Good luck!! It will be amazing for you, I hope.

    Don't let people bring you down, they are not worth your time if they don't like you! Sorry for the pep-talk, plus this encouragement is a bit late, but I am nervous for you and me and everyone, and especially you right now!!! Stay strong! <3

  4. I don't have any helpful to say other than: Stay strong!

  5. Get out there and flaunt your new skinny to those bitches! I want to do a sudden weightloss thing, so, over the summer holidays, become beautiful, and turn up thinner than my androgenous best friend. I'd love to see the look on her face. Ha.


  6. good luck on your first day of school, gosh... i start in a week. :(

  7. Have an awesome dayyyyy! <3