Friday, August 28, 2009


i think ive had a normal day.
800 calories.

toast with peanut butter for breakfast, an orange/apple/grapes for lunch, and when i got home i ate broccoli/carrots/baked potato...

i feel so weird right now.

and really really blah. and bloated as hell. and im still sick, but i think its going away, but im on my period now...
which explains why i gained 4 pounds between yesterday mornign and just now.. but oh well.
i dont really care today, because i am sick, and i feel blah and sad kinda but i dont feel like bingeing..

mostly because i had diet soda so my tummy is really full...

but yeah so normal ish day.. i dont think i ever want to try that again i feel gross and heavy i hate this :/

but yeah congrats to morg-ana she finally got to 140! yay!!
im hoping to be 150 by monday :/ i know i keep saying that, but i havent had any energy to exercise this week... and i think tomorrow i will be more strict. and then fast on sunday like always.

its possible. i can do it :)

im sorry ive been like way too busy to read through blogs im dying to though hopefully i can get to that like before sunday im so far behind on everyone :/


  1. I've binged the last 2 week has NOT been well. I am so depressed ):
    But you just gave me hope, all I need is motivation, right? I feel so gross right now.
    But, I'm going to think of you and how you're accomplishing everything!!

    Congrats on almost being 150!

  2. yey! 150 by MONDAY! you can DO IT!
    let us know how it goes!


  3. 'Sup little sister...I had a bit of a binge too. It happens, but are you checking out what's happening to me on my blog? Years of coffees/cigs and semi-starvation and I'm GAINING weight since starting to eat healthy, as you will too when you start eating right.

    You can't go on like this forever! I'm here if you need me...have a good day! :-)