Tuesday, August 4, 2009

eee :)

im back down to 159. not good, but better than 163... which means now i only have to lose 9 pounds in 4 days...
chyeah right :/
ill be lucky if i get to 155. thats where i wanna be right now :/
i was so tiny and i felt so good at 156. just imagine me at 155. or 150.
like a hyper chiuhauha on crack, thats what. oh hllz yeah. :D
i decided to extend my fast to 12:00 pm, only cuz im not really hungry yet. i wanna wait untill im ravenous, and then tell my stomach to go fuck itself.
and maybe drink some soup.
onion soup mix- 20 calories per tbs
and you can add crushed red pepper for zero cals, and as much salt as you want tho i dont recommend doing that.
tastes so good on an empty tummy :)
maybe ill just wait untill tonight to eat/drink it. then tomorrow is no calorie wednesday again!
and absolutely no sodas this week. none at all.
and i still havent had any caffeine! this is amazing! i usually go through 2 pots a day! and ive been drinking water only for almost 2 days :) go me.
i might have coffee later though.
no, ill wait untill tomorrow.

prettywreck--- i wanna hug your head too!!!! that sounds like fun!!! lol

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i feel high right now. :)
i woke up frozen. i love that about water fasts :) and i put on sweat pants.
in florida. in the middle of sumer.
no, no, im not really on crack. im just loving feeling cold :)
oooo i might have some tea at 12 that sounds good :)
white tea with splenda. yummmm

i want to go to walmart and get some more akavar. i miss it. it helped with cravings. and i wanna get some niacin. and this stuff called chitosan. and some metamucil.
i need some money.
i need a job :/
when i get skinny i can just be a model :)
yay for water :)))
stay strong all you peoples <333


  1. Thank you =DD reading your post has encouraged me even more in my fast :D you really are one of my best thinspirations on here. Going from 215 to 159... that's absolutely awesome :) I respect you so much for it. Just thought I'd tell you ^_^

    How long would you recommend keeping a fast going? I'm just wondering if maybe a little bit of food each day would help boost my metabolism... I'm still going to complete this fast though :) for sure.

    Can't wait to celebrate with you when you get to 155! :D

  2. yay for modeling =D

    lmfao "wait untill im ravenous, and then tell my stomach to go fuck itself."

    that made me laugh hysterically =]

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

  3. You are so freaking cute - I love reading your posts :)

  4. I get SO COLD too when I fast/don't eat much.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one haha.
    Last night I had on sweat pants and a big quilt and I still had to bury my face in the pillow just for warmth. Haha.

    You are a fasting genius. : )))

  5. You are such an inspiration!!!! :) Awesome job on the weight loss! I can't wait to see your modelesque pictures everywhere. :D

    BTW, totally read up on Chitosan, and I think I'm going to get some to try.... hopefully it can soak up all those cookies I ate last night.

    Thanks again for the wonderful motivation!


  6. Sorry for double posting... but I just saw your comments. Thank you so much for the encouragement!!

    You are doing great (tell me your secret for wooing your scale)! :) Right now I'm sipping on some cold water, and thankfully my stomach is still trying to process all those cookies, so I haven't been hit by any hunger, yet.

    I can't completely fast on Wednesday (family event night), but I've decided to be right there with you on Thursday through Saturday (or at least try... maybe just stick to under 500 calories some days, since I'm just a newb :)). I know whatever you decide to do, you'll do great! You have amazing control!!

    Much luv!!!

  7. You are so funny. <3
    I can't wait til you get to 155!!! Man! You are sooooo close! :) I like your soup mix idea! I wanna do that.

  8. Well, like I told xthinforverx I am an artist, and CD designer is just a part of the whole :)

    You should be able to find melatonin at a health food store or something - it is like a synthetic hormone that helps you relax so you can sleep. Water soluble, too, so you can't really OD on it. OH and it has shown to increase metabolism, as well :)

    I have noticed I have a harder time sleeping while fasting, too.. I should take this time to like.. practise my bass.. last night I was making hemp jewelery before I gave in.. fucking, eh.

    I wanna see your bass thingy! And sprouts are SO yummy :)