Thursday, August 13, 2009

no-cal weds=successness oh yeah!

and im back to 154
yes, i did in fact just type out boo-yah :)
and yes, i have been bad today, but its ok, because today is an eating day, and as long as im under 500 calories total for today, i will be alive in the morning hopefully *knock on wood* weighing in at 153 pounds.
i had pancake flavored muffins. with syrup.
light syrup, but still syrup nonetheless.
250 calories max.
and im having miso-tofu soup tonight for dindin.
and water for lunch.
so, effin, excited.
however, my fast yesterday went amazing :) yay!!!
and i am racing with this awesome chica right here to see who reaches their sunday goal.
i wanna be 150 on sunday morning, she wants to be 140, think we can do it?
you betchya :D
i love you guys, but i gotta fly todayyyy
goin to the track later to burn off all this muffin energay (so i can lose this nasty muffin top!)


  1. You're so happy, it makes me happy!
    You can dooo it!!!

  2. Good on ya girl! Eeee! You've managed to make me all happy/excited too! XD
    xoxoxo Best of luck!

  3. well done chick!!! im so happy for you, you are doing so well :)

  4. yay!
    youre doing great!
    and miso soup is ahhhmazing.

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

  5. aren't you ever scared of gaining all the weight back?? That is my worst fear ):
    What do you do??

    I mean you seem to be doing a GREAT job now though! Keep it up!

  6. OMG I wish I could lose like you. You are the biggest fucking inspiration o.o

  7. WELL DONE! I'm so proud of you :) and wanted to say thank you for the comment too. It was great hearing from you and I really needed the support too. Still waiting for these senior pictures of yours! I bet you look great, I hope you're proud of your achievement too :)

    So much luck with getting to 150! That's gonna feel and look so great! :D

  8. That's amazing! : D You are so strong! I seriously admire you so much <3
    Keep up the fabulous work and I'm sure you'll reach your goal :D

  9. hey, welldone on the progress. keep it up!

  10. yeah i agree, we gotta give ourselves some credit for what we're doing!
    ofcous i don't think say 'oh i'm beautiful, let me eat', because i'm far from that but, saying wow, i've lost, i'm getting there' is good motivation.

    you seem to be doing well and i'm happy i found your blog :) stay strong hunni