Thursday, August 27, 2009

holy jesus

i have 69 followers :) hehe
im all giddy :)) im down to like almost 151 now woooooo!
and ive had 1200 calories, this week, total.. i know, it is quite awesome :D
except i got really sick yesterday and now my throat is all sore and stuff so i decided it would be ok to break my limit of 500 calories for the day, so i am currently at 550, and when i get off the computer, if it is 9 oclock at that time, i will make popcorn, and eat like 50 calories worth.
then tomorrow i will have like 400 or less. unless i weigh 150 in the morning :) then ill stick with 500 :) yay!
and school is going like waaayyy better than i thought it would... aside from our school is getting like super mega poor o.o so we dont have agendas, so im having to write all of my assignments on my arm lol
and my printer is effed up grrrrr
but im gettin skinnier! i would have been able to wear my smallest size pants that i own today, if i really wanted to, but i decided that those were achievement pants, a reward for when i get below 150 :) yay!
im so happy right now, even though i feel horrible because im sick. maybe its because im all doped up on sudafed and ibuprofen hehe
but oh well anyways... in one of my classes im supposed to make a project like of anything at all there are no guidelines... so im doing a vegan college student's cookbook, like super cheap easy food for vegans lol im excited :D
i have to do one of these types of projects every nine weeks, and i want at least one of them to be about either eating disorders or obesity... idk yet it depends on where i am at that point in my weight loss... if i ever get small enough to actually look anorexic, im definitely not going to do a project about anorexia lol i could do one on like the health problems tied to being at extremes, and use anorexia as the low extreme, and obesity as the high extreme. that would be interesting. like trying to figure out which one would be better to lean towards (duh...).. but the other two projects im still like whaaaa???? idk what to do any ideas?? im thinking one of them might just be like filling out college applications hahaaa im lazy like that :) i might do something having to do with music. like write a song about the teacher :D lol no, i do not suck up to teachers. i hate that so much lol haha i could make a poster on the benefits of sucking up to teachers hahaha
idk buuutttt anyways, im done rambling.. i gotta go check myspace/facebook/email and then help mi madre move furniture and hope i dont pass out or die from lack of energy/nutrients
i really do need to catch up on everyone's blogs, but theres like no time at all now to do like anything :( i miss you guys i hope everyone is doing ok.


  1. Awh, this post made me happy. Haha. Congrats on the 1200cal week.

  2. Oh man, your throat being sore + all the chemicals from the sweeteners, sudafed + ibuprofen might be your immune system breaking down....***closing eyes and banging head against my desk***

  3. WOW! when i read the "in total" after the 1200 cals my mouth dropped! amazing job :) you can do it! <3

  4. oh, and now you have 70 followers. hehe :D