Monday, August 24, 2009

1st day of school :)

you guys, really, are so... so amazing. idk what to say like.. every one of you :)
my first day was better than i expected, even though they fucked up my schedule and took out the one class i wanted more than anything...
they replaced my weight training with team sports...
and the coach is a really scary big lady...

and im going to talk to my guidance councelor tomorrow asap because i NEED weight training class because it motivates me to do exercises i know i would never be able to do at home because i dont have all the machines and i dont have a gym membership and cant afford one :/

but other than that, i got a few compliments today..
i was both sad that not that many people noticed, and happy because by the time im at my gw they will pretty much have to notice and that will be awesome, so it ws a very motivating day :)

im debating on if i want to eat or not tonight idk yet... mybe if i do it will stay less than 100 calories though fer sure..

omg i have to tell you ok so in 6th grade this girl stole my bf and ever since then i kind of have hated her guts and she hated me too... and today she stopped me in the hallway and says "heather wow you look really good!"
i was like "aww thanks :D" to be nice, but in my head i was like yeah bitch one day ill look better than you and then youll be so jealous :D hahahahahhaa
idk i really thought it was funny that she like talked to me in the first place cuz she knows i hate her lol

but anywaysss... ummmm
tomorrow should be an easy day, 2 chorus classes and english yay

i hope everyone elses days are going amazing :D
i love you guys you rock!


  1. Chorus is one of my FAVORITE classes on Earth!! :) Luck you, getting two in one day!

    I'm so glad that you had a wonderful day. Haha, that horrible girl sounds really awful, but you can so show her up with everything you're accomplishing! She won't know what hit her. :D

  2. I knew you were going to have an amazing day at school! and haha to your enemy, or whatever she is. Or course, you looked great!!

    Hope you have an another amazing day tomorrow. :)

  3. Hah! You probably already look better than her.

  4. i reckon people do notice but dont always say anything!! i know i dont always comment on other peoples weight loss!!

  5. People always notice. The reason they don't mention it is a) 97% of people's thoughts are about themselves. B) They're jealous, and c)they don't want to admit to themselves that they wish they could do what you can.

    Either those, or they think that if they comment, you'll take it to mean that they thought you were fat before. HA.

  6. Way to go. You had a good day.
    and to hear compliments is such a good feeling especially when it comes from a person you would never thought that she would say anything good about you...

    and i completely agree with Isabella... people are jellos so they dont say anything...

    you are doing great and you just have to fight for that weight class you want to go... dont give up never.:)

  7. I'm glad your first day went good.
    Maybe that girl doesnt hate you anymore and you guys can be friends fo rlz. Just a thought. =)