Saturday, August 22, 2009

my weekend

weight on thursday morning: 151 (yayyy)
calorie intake thursday: no idea, guessin 694857635465876? (...)
calories burned: 900
weight thursday evening: 160 (!!!wtf)

weight friday morning: 156 (waaaaah)
calorie intake friday: infinite
*endless taking of laxatives/diet pills* (ehh..)
*endless drinking of coffee* (yumm)
weight friday evening: 159
*box of rice crispies at midnight* (sleep-eating????)
weight at midnight: 162

weight saturday morning: 162 D;
calorie intake saturday: dont even wanna know... (booooo)
*endless taking of laxatives*
weight right now: 168

*shoots self in stomach*

*goes to buy more laxatives*

holy shit.
like super-epic-food-athon o doom...
is that a record? i gained almost 20 pounds in 3 days? maybe something cool can come from this???
*calls guinness*

i always fast on sundays. i hope i can continue that tradition.
im so not ready for school.

im still not done with my project. if i wouldnt have binged, i would have been clean and pure and it would have been so easy to just whip right through all the questions.
but im not.
i feel like ive eaten 80 pounds of rocks for three days.
my intestines are like wtffffffffff
my brain is likewise..

no, im not balanced. i need to find balance.

ugh, food hangover. gross :/

im 168 :(
im 13 pounds overweight now.
so i can rightfully say now that i am fat. gross. disgusting. ugh.

haha but i made a new brand of milkshake: ritz-oreo milkshake :D best fucking thing everrrr

goodnight. i hope i lose 4 pounds overnight again :/


  1. It's not ALL fat Heather, its also water. From starving you've dehydrated your muscles and lost SOME fat. All the coffee dehydrates you more. Now you're refeeding and its all being refilled again, and since your body was in starvation mode its packing on as much fat as it can. And it's the cellulite-y, loose, jiggly kind of water fat that comes from eating high-GI carbohydrates.

  2. and your probably still holding in water and everything else from taking so many laxatives. Wait until those kick in. You won't be having so much fun, but once it's over i'm sure you'll feel better.
    And at least now you know how bad it was and you can go back to restricting because people aren't watching you like they are to me. I have to maintain weight right now so i've been forced to eat certain meals and i've binged on dessert for 2 nights now. I know exactly how you're feeling about your body right now and i hope you loose that feeling quicker than i will.
    stay strong now xo

  3. We're here for you Heather :) if you put it on so quickly, you can lose it just as quickly. Just use some of that determination that got you down from 215 :) you CAN do it. 13lbs is totally achievable :)

  4. Laxatives dont help you lose weight. By the time laxatives kick in, the food would have been digested. Hopefully your fast went well and good luck losing weight, I know you are capable :) xx AnaNonymous

  5. Hey, chill. Tomorrow's a new day. That's the beauty of beauty-seeking. You'll get there, and when you do, you'll feel so proud/defiant. Make the bad days your motivation, it'll be cool. I have days like that slightly too often, so I'm going veg this week.

  6. I know you can fast through today!! That is awesome that you got down to 156 on Friday morning -- absolutely awesomeness!! But don't give up hope, more than likely it is just water weight... so I know you'll definitely be ready for school when it starts up. Keep strong. x

  7. i'm sure its not REAL weight, as you gained it in a pretty short amount of time. Drink lots of water and get back to restricting and it should fly off almost as fast as it added on. Try to finish your project!!!

    stay strong.

  8. Wow..
    Even though it is defeating and depressing and I would feel the same as you, I have to admit. That is amazing. Call guiness fo sho.