Wednesday, August 5, 2009

malltime :)

My friend and I went to the track walked four laps and ran up one flight of stairs and decided that going to the mall to walk around for 4 hours was more fun and exciting :)
Plus, neither one of us has done anything at all all summer long :/
like seriously ive been living under the ana rock of food and i have no idea what there is to do anymore.
i dont know what music is good anymore.
i dont know what fashions are "in" or what bands are "in" or anything.
You guys should help me out with this. I don't want to scare everyone at school away with my endless rambling about food/diet/fasting and such...

So what's cool?

I kind of lost myself this summer. I'm living in a fantasy land.
I need to get out more :/


  1. Awh your friend seems very fun and supportive!
    : )

    I have no idea what's "in" haha.
    Ok so my friends and I book bands at this little venue here, and one time we got a show thrown on us at the last minute for some band we've never heard of, and like a GAZILLION kids showed up and we were like "WHO IS THIS BAND I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THEM!?!!?" I'm seriously so uncool. ; D

    Fashion-wise, all I know is that v-necks are really popular, and for some unknown reason, pre-ripped jeans have come back into trend. So when you go back to school just talk on about v-necks and you'll be fine? Hahahaha.

    I totally know what you mean though. I feel very isolated because I just think about food above anything. I have heard a bunch of good music this summer though so that's something. And my city itself seems to be very isolated, like everyone is extremely content just walking around all day admiring the scenery, and that's just how it is.

    Booo I wish my summer had been more exciting. : (

  2. I don't think I could tell you what's cool ; ) haha! I know what you mean about feeling isolated with ana. I feel the same. I used to be so into the music scene....but just sort of stopped caring...and fashion wise I've always done my own I don't really know what's "in" ; )
    Don't worry about going back to school. You seem so cool and interesting, I'm sure you'll have tons to talk about besides food/dieting ; )
    Stay strong <3

  3. Umm, I was never the type to love pop music. So I can't help at all on that front. But clothes, I can absolutely tell you about. :)

    Plaid shoes/skirts; purple, black, or navy as a general color (red is also OK--avoid orange, light blues and pink, on the other hand WHITE is always in, especially paired with a bright thin sweater); chunky bracelets (these can even coordinate with the cool SHOES!!!); dramatic lipsticks/glosses (red, deep fuchsia, colors like that); shoes with artwork imitated on them; gold or light, sheer, shimmery eye shadows with dark mascara; leggings in bright colors paired with neutral skirts and a light top or above-knee dresses and heels.

    Wow, that was a lot. Hope shopping goes well!!! :)

    PS: Thin is always an amazing style. Stay Strong!! :D

  4. Whatever you think is cool to you, is cool to the people that would call themselves your friends. :) "Those who matter, don't mind.. And those who mind, don't matter." Haha. :)

    Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, Twihards, Twilight, Overcoats, Jason Wu, Jewel Toned Tights, Real Housewives of Atlanta (not OC), Birdcage heels, Orange is the hot color for 2009 with lots of blues, greens, pinks, White Nail Polish, French manicures, Boy Like Girls, Dave Matthews Band, Jennifer Hudson.. ALL COOL THINGS FOR 2009 AND TO TALK ABOUT.

    //crawls back under ana rock.

  5. You're totally asking the wrong person, here!! I have never really followed the "in" stuff. :)

    Lucky!! Wish I could have skipped dinner... gotta total up my calories, but whenever my stomach hurts after eating... I know I ate too much. Gah.

    But yes, I love her too!! She's such great thinspo, and I love the movies she's in too. <3

    Adderall is an appetite suppressant, though I've read some places that it only lasts for about 6 months, then your stomach adjusts. Not sure if that's true or not... but I am going to try to get my prescription upped to three times a day, because it's obvious when I need to take a new one. >.<

  6. i'd so help with the 'in' stuff, but i never know lol. and even if i did, i'd prolly still dress like a bum half the time :)

  7. LOL I have totally been there XD It's hard to not get all obsessive about it and live completely in it. That's why I was so excited about this summer - I did nothing but focus on weight loss. I completely lived it.

    Uhm...not sure what bands are in. I...sort of listen to shit like Rasputina and Tub don't play those on the radio XD But I do listen to the radio on the way to and from work, and to and from the gym, and yeah... The TingTings, and the latest Black Eyed Peas album...also Rise Against has some new songs out that seem to be pretty popular :3

    HOpe that helps XD

  8. ou jeah i mean what you mean you are isolated i dont want to show myself to anyone pefore i am nice and skinny again and well social event really ruin my diet... but well i really just want to go out and party with my friends...
    i am also not up to date with music and events and fasion department because of the lack of internet...
    also i wanted to say that you are doing such a good job and you are so much bettr with food intake than i am ....
    stay stron

  9. hi heather :D
    omg, i so understand what you're saying.
    i'v been spendin all my time on blogspot and researching thinspo all the time and exercising,
    then yesterday i went on facebook and i was so suprised how much i'd forgotten my life. i've isolated myself so much from my friends.
    everything's been about food and how to avoid it & its like where has my summer gone? :(

    xx goodluck. jenny