Thursday, August 20, 2009

im vegan haha

which means like almost the only thing ill be able to eat is salad haha yay
ive had about 150 calories so far today, and i only had 100 on tuesday, and zero yesterday, and im planning on not eating any tomorrow until the mega group dinner of death and destruction..
hey wait, when people starve themselves, doesn't that destruct their body? and eventually if they dont eat SOMthing they die?
hehe ironic lalala
im so high on empty
and giddy as hell omg..
but noooooooooo energy whatsoever.
oh my god my mom bought alot of vegan food from publix yesterday like vegan waffles and tofurky and fucking soy ice cream its staring at meeeeee
but i can win any staring contest :) ive always been good at that.
and plus, i want to look really really good tomorrow night. that way even if i do go a little overboard at olive garden i wont let myself feel bad.

no, i dont have car insurance, shut up
yay <33
i love you ana. your rewards are the best.

i went shopping yesterday at a thrift store and bought a really cute jacket and two shirt-jacket type things and some bright yellow shoes and a really awesome lime green skirt and guess what it only cost me 10 dollars o.o
i am awesome :)

so for the rest of the day i might drink some tea, and maybe soup for lunch and dinner, but i dont really want to go over 200 calories even though i said my limit was 500 i figured since i havent gone over 150 for six days then getting to 200 today wouldnt be bad...
my metabolism is fucked.
oh well. one day they will have cosmetic surgery for metabolisms, and hopefully ill be a rich runway hairdresses by then and will be able to afford it :)
either that or ill just be really thin and beautiful and cute and tiny :)

my bf calls me cute all the time but when i was fat i always wanted to be cute but what fat person is cute exactly none of them i always wanted to be really little and tiny and cutesy like a little kid...

my stomach growls constantly and i really want food but i am NOT giving up this lquid fast until monday night (tomorrow night does not count)

oh more good news my friend and i decided that for the month of october we are going to liquid fast for 30 days, from october 1st until october 30th, and then on halloween we will only eat the candy/goodies that we get when we go trick or treating :)
yes, i still go door to door with a bag and beg for candy :) i love it its so much fun
the trick is: were both vegan and most candies are not vegan haha
so im probably gonna give most of it to my brother...
and her bday is in october, so on that day were allowing food, but only small amounts. because she loves pumpkin pie and i told her i would make her one for her bday.
yesyesyes this is going to be a good thing :)
i really hope all this doesnt make me too weak for softball though that would suck really bad :/

but oh well im going to go drink a gallon of water and then look up restaurant menus!
i do read you guys's blogs i swear but my mom doesnt want me on the computer so i have to be like realyl quick :P i love you all and hope all is well


  1. Haha! You're so..well..cute! You are going to have such a sugar rush on Halloween.

  2. You are sounding so perfect right now, keep it up!! :) A 30 day liquid fast?! Wow, I could never go so long. You're so lucky you have a friend to help you!

    Lol, you won't get anything that's vegan-y! Like, you can't have milk chocolate, so candy bars are out, right? Unless it's a PayDay or something, but I don't know if that's vegan.... Good luck with everything though! :D

  3. Sounds like a mega plan!! What liquid are you alound on a liquid fast? Thanks for my comment - I hate day 3 so much. Day three of a fast is a bitch. BUT I WILL CONQUER IT!!!

    Halloween is a while off :-) Do you dress up in costume? No one does that over here - we are all so damn boring! xxx

  4. This was just the motivation I needed. I am going to do a liquid fast from tomorrow until monday. Then I'll see what's next after that.

    CONGRATS ON REACHING 151!!!! I am SO happy for you!!!

  5. congrats on getting to 151! sounds like a good plan for october too. your doing really great, i'm very inspired. i'm vegetarian right now, but not vegan but have been thinking about it for awhile. :) good luck at olive garden, and you can win the staring contest;)