Saturday, August 8, 2009


b+ coffee (0 calories)
l+ 1/2 peanut butter sandwich (100 calories)
+ chocolate (95 calories)
+ soymilk (50 calories)
s+ mixed veggies (100 calories)
d+ 1 macadamia nut, 2 almonds, and 5 peanuts (50 calories)

total=395 calories

and i might have some tofu noodles with tomatoe sauce later, but i might not. idk yet. if i do my total will be like maybe 475 at most. yay!
and im going to drink like 3 more bottles of water because i havent met my quota of 5 bottles a day :/ ive only had 3, so im going to drink one extra one before bed, and i might have some tea :)
walking 1 hr minutes -325 calories
shopping 1 hr -150 calories
calisthenics 20 minutes -100
being alive 1 day -1875 calories

total output= -2450 calories

total calories for the day= -2055 calories

haha i love doing that :)
so yeah today was a good day i bought a really cute dress that fits really well and ill probably have to get it altered by the time i plan to wear it cuz ill be like ten pounds lighter hopefully by that time but yeah its so cute it looks kinda like this:
i soooo love rockabilly clothing its so amazing and the pinup style is definitely my favorite :)

and omg guess what my bmi is 24.7 so im not clinically overweight anymore!!!!!!!!! this is so awesome i could cry! just 8 months ago i was on the verge of morbidly obese o.o my bmi has gone down exactly ten points since then, and i look and feel so much better :)

and my jeans are half the size they used to be :)))




    i could cry for you. that is SOOOO amazing! ten points! half your size! that must feel amazinggggg. i am so inspired by it. and you are now normal! :D omg, good job honey bunny! *jumps around* YAYYYY!

  2. You are so awesome! I bet that dress is way adorable, I bet you do have to get it taken in, and you'll look so amazing, you should post pics of that too!!! :D

    Can't wait to see your photos, I know they rock!

    PS: love that style of clothes! If I could pull it off, I would definitely wear it.

  3. You are fantastic. I KNOW I can get there someday.

    Betty Page forever!

  4. I definitely love pin-up style. : )
    And as for having to tailor stuff, yeah umm I'm definitely buying my back to school clothes like, the day before school starts so I won't go into school wearing baggy clothes, well, yet. Heh heh.

    Good job on today! : )

  5. i cant say how awesome it is hearing bout ur bmi, if i was with u i would hug u for days and days. congratulations! its annoying but i love when my clothes are too big!!

  6. I'm so happy for you ^_^ ten bmi points is a biiig deal!

  7. OMFG! Congrats girl! I am so happy for you. xoxo

  8. see!! There's the motivation I needed to kick start me this morning! :D

    Congrats on your loss! You must look amazing now and that dress will look amazing on you!

  9. OMG! You are so inspiring! I can't believe how mush you've lost and we'll you are doing! I too love the pinup style. It's always my favorite thinpso ; ) The dress look really cute! I'm sure you'll look so hot in it! you will have to post a picture <3

  10. wow negative calories in the thousands! I am truly jealous. I had a low moment an hour ago but your blog has really cheered me up. Keep it up! you are going to be so skinny.

  11. That is amazing!! I like your blog : ) Keep up your efforts and the scale will keep moving backwards. I just love the fact that our bodies burn calories all day long, just "being alive" lol. Good stuff...