Saturday, August 8, 2009


thank you guys sooo much for the comments i came on here cuz i seriously felt a mega binge coming on, but now its completely and totally gone!
you guys are so amazing and nice and you actually care and make me feel like i might actually be special to someone one day and i just feel really like mushy and feelings and stuff right now idk
im definitely posting my senior pics when i get them
ive never posted pics on here before...
im going to volunteer, and ill post when i get back cuz im late lolz
sorry ive been so bsy and havent been commenting you guys like usual and holy hell i have frikkin 54 followers wooooooooooo!

but before i go i leave exciting news: i can possibly make it to 150 by monday mrning.
cuz im 153 now!

so happy
so in love
with a perfect girl
her name is ana.


  1. That's funny because just as I was feeling a binge coming on I came on here and you have a new post! I just wanted to say that you are such an inspiration for me and I hope you keep writing every day! You make me realize that I can make my goal weight as long as I stay strong and with ana.


  2. i too was totally thinking about scarfing down some crackers but yay for your post!! you have 54 followers because you're FREAKING AWESOME! keep up the amazing work!


    i was like FOOD FOOD FOOD and so i came on here. i had a natural fruit smoothie instead :) all is well that ends well. and 153?! YOU ROCK GIRL. omg im so proud of you. <3 and quit it with the mushies, youre making me all wiggly inside. lol.

  4. Ok, so on July 10 you were 160, and now, about four weeks later you're at 153 ---- that's less than the two pounds a week you'd lose on a normal diet!

    I'm not meaning to be negative here but I'm kind of behaving EXACTLY like you, binging one day, starving the next. Just some food for thought, but oh yeah I forgot....I'm fasting today!