Wednesday, August 12, 2009


ok so despite my huge attempt at not bingeing, i did anyways.
but thats ok because i am in a super good mood today and this equation right here is why:

1 pot of coffee+ 1 cup of splenda+ 2 tbs of zero-calorie chocolate syrup+ 2 trays of ice+ 1 blender= zero calories of guilt-free homemade starbucks!

holy shit.
i have stumbled upon a goldmine.

like it filled the whole entire blender all the way up, and i drank every last little bit of it, and it made me full. too full to even think about eating today :)

im going to market this idea, and set up my own shop, and call it like moonbucks or something :)
fat people would love me, and so would all the lovely anas out there :)
it would be a zero-calorie version of starbucks.
gaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh im so hyper heheheheehheehheheheheeeee!

so anyways update real quick: i gained 7 pounds in like 30 minutes the other day, i got up to 161, now im back down to 156, which is ok ish, and today i have had (oh yeah!!!!! :D) zero calories (of awesomeness), and tomorrow i will keep it under 500 again, and the same for friday and saturday, and then fast sunday(like always) and then next week is the week before school starts (holy hell where did the summer go??????) and i will be hardcore bootcamp liquid fasting for that week and then over the weekend i will fast untill monday night after school.
i will be 150 or less i will i promise this to you to every single one of you i am so fucking determined i will do anything (...almost) to get there it will motherfucking happen.

oh yeah to those of you who read my last post, your amazing :) i love you :))

thought i would throw that in there.
i gotsta rekonize my peoples! lol

sorry that this post is all over everywhere, but im super mega hyperrrrrrrr

omg i have to tell you about what happened last night LOL!
ok, so my bf took me out to applebees for dinner (so sweet :)) and after a long day of fasting completely i figured it would be ok to eat a salad. and he made me feel really bad because he got cheesesticks, and he goes "you used to eat cheesesticks all the time and i feel bad because im eating them all and your not eating anything" and i was like yeah cuz my food isnt here yet.. and he was like.. idk trying to like guilt me into eating cheese i was like omg im vegan stop it thats so mean and then he tried to do the same thing with this dessert thingy and i was like no i dont eat anything with dairy im sorry and idk i just felt bad he was like oh come on you can not be vegan for one night...
wtf... like im sorry if youre not used to someone who doesnt like the idea of exploiting animals for cruel purposes and all the evil things humans do to them just makes me so upset and like if you can respect my choices then why the fuck are we together in the first place?!
but i felt really bad because it made him feel bad and i dont want him to feel like my choices are a burden on him or anything because they shouldnt be...
but anyways yeah i was definitely NOT going to eat anything other than my salad anyways because it came with like nuts on it and that alone pissed me off because it added so many extra calories to what could have been an amazing salad...
and then we were gonna go "hang out in a park" and "watch the sun go down" (aka have sex) but there were other people in both parks we went to, so we both ended up going home hornier than i have ever been in my entire life.
like wtf we could have done what we usually do and just did it in the car i mean jesus if your gonna make me eat a calorific salad the least you can do is give me a chance to burn some of those calories :/
but i didnt say anything about it, other than i had a really good time because well i did and i hadnt seen him in almost 2 weeks so i missed my baby sooo much and being with him always makes me happy no matter what and i really did have a good ime because weve never had like a for real dinner date thing before...
but yeah..

omg i have to catch up on everyone's posts ill blog more later lol


  1. you can talk, girl. holy crap.
    i love your posts though.

    and omg, A CUP OF SPLENDA?
    did you not read my post about artificial sweeteners?! thats like a massive killer shitstorm entering your body. splenda is a coal-tar compound. =/ you just drank a cup of tar coal. =( ew.

  2. I will totally use your coffee plan idea, that's BRILLIANT!!! Except I don't know about the Splenda though, I think it tastes icky. :P But maybe I can find something else.

    I will totally come to your come to your amazing coffee shop if you open it! It could be right next to my anorexic bar and everyone will love yours more, but they'll both be fun!! :D

    You will be so perfect for the first day of school! I think I will do a liquid fast too, the week before I go, that's a good idea too!

  3. Wow, that coffe sounds very good. It's probably a bit too sweet for my taste, but I think I will try to make something like that one day (with less sweetener :P). I'll just have to find that chocolate thing though...

    Stay stong =)

  4. hey :) thanks for commenting (and reading!!!) on my blog.
    yeah, i'm doing ok, considering my life is a great big huge mess right now, LOL! love your blog too! i read all the updates :)


  5. Hahaha you guyyyyys.
    We might as well just go to a big city and create a whole Ana district... I vote on DC, if anyone seconds the motion.

  6. Your recipe sounds so freaking yummy - I have got to try it out ;)

    How the hell did you again 7 lbs?? I bet your scale was off or something, that is crazy. Maybe water weight? Anyway - good to hear you are back down again and you will totally get to 150 by the time school starts, no sweat.

  7. G0 heather[hunger]!!!!!! you can ramble like no other and still have it mean something. I LOVE it! All of it.

  8. You're amazing! That coffee idea is genius. Pure genius.
    I'm gonna run off to the store now and buy those things. <3

  9. "1 pot of coffee+ 1 cup of splenda+ 2 tbs of zero-calorie chocolate syrup+ 2 trays of ice+ 1 blender= zero calories of guilt-free homemade starbucks!"

    umm, wut? what you're doing is insane. caffeine is dehydrating, the weight you may seen gone is going to water. this is science, so don't fight the logic.

    another problem is all the caffeine and splenda is wrecking havoc with your insulin levels, and basically turning off fat burning and making you insulin resistant which, given enough of this insane behaviour, will result in type 2 diabetes. This behaviour won't kill you, just make you look like shit in the long run. Maybe when you start seeing cellulite on your arms you'll get the point.

    How about putting your head on straight? work out 4-5 times a week for an hour, and use the daily plate to eat 1500 calories per day. You'll lose weight at about the same right as you're 'losing' now, although it'll be fat and not your muscles and water.

    This message might seem harsh, but what you're doing, for lack of more polite words, is really fucking stupid.