Tuesday, August 4, 2009


none of the people who are supposed to be my "bestest friends eveerrrrrr" ever talk to me during the summer.
nobody says hi on myspace.
nobody comments my pictures.
nobody cares about my facebook.

oh well. ill show them. im gonna be so fucking sexy when school starts, theyll wish they still knew me.



  1. ugh, I know what you mean DX

    But you're right - you will come back and they will all fall over themselves for you :)

  2. friends typically depend on geography.

    if you're in school, they are there.
    if you're at work, they are there.

    when you leave these places, 'friends' tend to disappear. keep them well and choose them well.

    good luck on shocking them with sexiiness/.

  3. You bet you can control those lousy jerks!! Get back at them with your amazing weight-loss, they'll roll over and die to be your friends again, but don't trust them for a minute! I know just how they work those kind of people SUCK.

    You can show them up, you are amazing!!! :)

  4. and its completely fine if they chose to leave.
    your worth is not dependent on what they think.
    fuck them.

    you are lovely inside and out.
    and i am determined to make you think so. :)
    because you totally are.
    and when you get to your "ideal", well that's just a bonus because you already are beautiful. <3

    and im definitely going to try that awesome bean sprout onion soup idea! :) thanks!

  5. I had that problem with one of my "best" friends. People move on I guess.

    But yes, you will look so absolutely stunning when you walk in on the first day of school that they will regret not keeping touch. : )

  6. you are totally going to blow them all away!

    and a lot of my friends would go awol on me in the summer. it's just easy to be lazy.

  7. I'm not in school any more, but I know exactly what you mean. I moved interstate at the start of the year - all my "friends" keep telling me to move back, which is impossible at the moment because of my job, but do they ever make an effort to e-mail, call, etc etc? NO! I try to go back as often as possible, do they even talk about coming down here?

  8. You are definitely going to dazzle them all~! :)

    Just don't let it get to you, you'll find friends who will stay in contact with you, whether it's summer or not. The extra perk? You'll be sooo tiny it won't even matter anymore.... they lost out, while you won.

    Stay strong!

  9. Yeah don't you love how people just kind of disappear? S'okay, I just started reading your blog and I think you rock. I have really far to go (weight-wise) as well and you make me feel like it is actually possible.

    Congrats! You are officially thinspo!

  10. Same exact thing has happened to me this summer...just motivates me more to become beautiful and thin so I can rub it in their faces ; )